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By 2020, 156 State Healthcare Centers to Reduce the Volume of Free Medical Care

The Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan continues to increase in the proportion of hospital beds and the throughput capacity of medical institutions financed by the revenue of medical services for a fee. Some medical institutions by 2020 will pass to full self-financing.

The increase in fee-for-service-medicine will contribute to the further development of the health care institutions of the entire system through the hiring of additional experts and increase wages of certain category of employees. The released funds will be redistributed in the whole health care system, not on the scale of a particular institution, where a reduction implemented in the volume of rendering paid services.

In particular, in the Republican Clinical Hospitals №1 and №2, the republican ophthalmological, dermatological and venereal hospitals, as well as the republican consultative and diagnostic and dental clinics the volume of paid services by 2020 will reach 80% of the total volume of rendered services. While in the Scientific Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics and the Tashkent Medical Academy this volume will reach 50%, and in the clinics of the Scientific Research Institute of Sanitation and Hygiene, and Occupational Diseases, as well as the Tashkent State Dental Institute - 40%, and in the Republican Allergology Center, the Specialized Scientific Center of Bone-purulent Surgery and Treatment of Trauma Consequences - 30%.

However, this list includes 140 regional and district hospitals, including all dental clinics for adults, diagnostic centers, institutions of rehabilitation treatment, and disinfection station, which will pass to full self-financing.



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