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Bekhzod Navruzov: Our patients are paying the price for the luxury of civilization

We became a more civilized country. But along with the benefits that come with ciilization, we also got its’ ills. Most of the time a modern man spends seated: watching TV, working on the computer, he doesn’t even need to get up to pick up the phone, because the phone is in his pocket. The growing number of patients with coloproctological problems can also be attibuted to an increase in the number of cars.

How are the coloproctological service providers planning to meet these challenges? In recent years there have been great changes. The director of the Republican Scientific Center For Coloproctology of  the Ministry of Health, Behzod Navruzov, shares his insight with the correspondent of Uzbekistan Today.


Regarding the equipment of the center. Have you acquired anything new over the past two or three years . If "yes" , what specifically, and how does it help?  

  • Yes, we have aquired modern anesthesia machine, operating tables, shadowless lamp, a set of surgical instruments, medical furniture and other equipment. This allows us to carry out colon and anorectal surgeries of any complexity.

Let's talk about the new technologies that were implemented in the center in recent years. What have they improved?

  • In recent years, the center widely used disposable staplers to create the continuity of the gastrointestinal tract, allowing a speedy rehabilitation of patients and enabling them to return to full employment. Modern methods of bowel treatment, research and surgical interventions and treatment methods of diseases of the colon and anorectal area were put into practice. We developed various new methods of surgery of anorectal area, particularly in the case of post-partum tears of rectovaginal septum.

What are the priorities of the center?

  • Coloproctology Research Center is actively involved in investigating diseases of the colon, in particular we are focused on the inflammatory and ulcerative diseases. Accordingly, we are developing standards of diagnosis and treatment of this category of patients and are implementing these standards in all medical institutions of Uzbekistan dealing with this problem. We are also conducting scientific work on the development of new methods and techniques for the treatment of diseases of the colon and anorectal area .

Tell us about the prospects and plans for the coming years?

  • We are planning the introduction of minimally invasive technologies for surgical interventions on the colon and assisted laparoscopic colon surgeries for various diseases, methods of ultrasound ligation of hemorrhoids in the course of hemorrhoidal disease. We are also planning to improve the methods of the colon surgeries.


Tell us about the most common diseases which you have to deal with? What has been done to improve the treatment of the patients? What are the advantages of treatment in your Center?

  • An inflammatory and ulcerative disease of the colon (ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease), anomalies and malformations of colon pathologies accompanied by bleeding from the colon (polyps and polyposis colon cancer, diverticular disease, haemorrhoidal disease are among the most common). On the basis of developed standards of diagnosis and treatment of patients with diseases of the colon we have improved outcomes. We managed to reduce the number of post surgery complications. We use modern methods of diagnosis, eliminating the diagnostic errors and are able to determine the optimal treatment of patients with diseases of the colon.

Tell us about the development of life in the regions: problems and solutions, to achieve.

  • In most regions there are organized offices that provide help to patients with diseases of the colon based on standards developed by our Centre. Of course, we must not rest on our achievements, as medicine and science does not stand still. Every day there are new developments and technologies. And we, as the lead agency must keep pace with the times and share experience with colleagues who provide health care in the regions of the Republic. We've organized courses for requalification in the field of Coloproctology in Tashkent and other regions of Uzbekistan.
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