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Before hell freezes over

Delivery of equipment in cancer service establishments has been started. The need to adopt program to improve service and create Cancer Institute is discussed at the Republican Oncology Research Center. Mirzagolib Tillyashaykhov told more detailed about it and many other things in his first interview to our agency since his appointment to the post of Director of the Republican Oncology Research Center.

Mirzagolib Nigmatovich, it has passed hundred days after your transfer from the post of Director of the Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Tuberculosis and Pulmonology to the post of Director of the Republican Oncology Research Center. How was the adaption period?

"I must say that I have been starting to work at the Republican Oncology Research Center, and my connection with this team has never been violated. While working in the center of tuberculosis and pulmonology I advised patients, together with colleagues we performed complex surgeries of patients with bladder cancer.

I came to the Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Tuberculosis and Pulmonology at a crucial moment, when a reform and modernization of this service was initiated. We performed optimization of TB service institutions network - all clinics and hospitals were either repaired or reconstructed, we developed diagnostics and treatment standards. This year within the framework of the joint project of the Ministry of Health and the German KfW-Bank deliveries of modern high-tech equipment were started.

I had a chance to be the head of the Republican Oncology Research Center at the time of modernization too. Two or three years ago in Jizzakh, Syrdarya and Navoi regions new buildings were built for oncological dispensaries, reconstruction of the existing buildings was carried out in eight regions and in three regions – full repair. A building for children and radiotherapy equipment was built at the Republican center. In such way the oncological service has been preparing for modern equipment. Today the Ministry of Health in cooperation with foreign partners implements three projects on provision modern equipment to the oncology service simultaneously. 276 oncologists’ rooms of district and city health associations are equipped within the project "Health-3". The projects, including those being realized in cooperation with the Islamic Development Bank, and the People's Republic of China Grant are aimed at provision of high-tech equipment to the service."

Will the equipment allow a breakthrough in the improvement of patient care?

"Everything that is purchased – is the latest generation equipment, the capabilities of which are much greater than the machines we have now. Modern digital x-ray devices have already delivered to Tashkent, the last generation Ultrasonic devices, endovisual equipment for trachea, lungs, esophagus, stomach and intestines examination are now under customs clearance procedures.

The oncological service will have got computer tomographs by the end of the year. All oncologic dispensaries will be equipped with the equipment of such level for the first time, so diagnostics will be more accurate, and treatment – more effective.

The ministry now buys for us immunohistochemical analyzers. They are necessary for selection targeted therapies to patients. This is new generation of drugs which have the ability to influence on tumor cells exclusively. Their prescription requires verification efficiency of influence on a particular patient. And this research can only be done with the purchased equipment.

We expect delivery of radiotherapy equipment for the regions at the end of the year – at the beginning of the next year. Each region will have its own radiotherapy service, which is very important as radiotherapy – is a component of treatment of virtually all cancers."

The world major oncological clinics seek to create modern genetic laboratories. They are necessary for high precision diagnosis, monitoring the effectiveness of treatment. However, you have not mentioned it yet...

"We also count on them, because they allow you to identify predisposition to disease. We have to do a great work in this way. First, in we will receive PCR analyzers within one of the currently ongoing projects. Other equipment is included in the next programs."

I heard, a draft of a new state program to improve the oncology service is being developing now. What will be changed cardinally?

"We planned to purchase the latest generation equipment in the new program. In particular, PET and single photon emission computed tomographs are needed for diagnostic. The plans are to get angiograph, hypothermic equipment, cyber knife and many other things.

There are a number of organizational proposals. In particular, we propose the establishment of Cancer Institute. This establishment is necessary for our development and the most effective use of screening opportunities, preventive system, cancer-register in which all information about patients and organization of palliative treatment of serious patients is entered. We can not use all the information effectively yet, because we are occupied with patients. Cancer specialists of the Institute could give us valuable recommendations to improve the effectiveness of service on the basis of deep analysis of the data. After all, screening task is not just to identify patients, but to assess the epidemiological situation, that is very important to make strategic decisions in the fight against cancer. Cancer-register is needed to clarify this information. The follow-up of this work is prevention of the diseases and their complications. The institute must deal with fatal cases as well.

Such centers like ours, oncology dispensaries providing diagnostics and treatment of cancer patients, and Cancer institutions in many countries are represented as independent institutions cooperating with each other. Such division contributes to improvement of the quality of care."

Oncology – is a broad sphere for scientists. The Republican oncology center has scientific status. How do you plan to develop in this direction?

"Our center is among the leading medical institutions by the number of patented techniques and developments. In particular, I am the author of near 15 researches: these are technologies for surgical treatment of bladder cancer. I have developed new technologies for surgeries of replacement of bladders affected by the disease with reservoirs. Employees of almost all the departments of our center have developments of new therapeutic and surgical treatment approaches. We develop medicines based on local raw materials.

Therefore, we include purchasing new generation equipment for scientists, which will allow them to advance in their researches and save the lives of many patients, in the new program."

Is there any hope of the life expectancy of cancer patients will increase with the implementation of all these projects?

"There is such trend now. Furthermore, the treatment becomes more sparing. Pre surgical treatment of most tumors leads to the fact that they "resolve" at most. As a result, doctors have a better chance to perform conservative surgery with better cosmetic effect."

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