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Ambulance “Programmed” to Increase Efficiency

The ambulance service "103" serves for more than 6 million calls every day across the country, most of which end with hospitalization. Improving emergency medical services has become one of the most significant directions of the State program "Year of dialogue with the people and human interests".

To date, the emergency medical services provide for 8,324 beds at the in-patient hospitals which comprise 8% of the whole health care system. Despite the relatively small number of places, they annually serve 16% of all hospitalized patients in the country's healthcare system.

“These figures are promising not only as an intense activity of service performance, but also one of the further evidences for availability of services in emergency medicine where patients receive qualitative and timely medical-diagnostic aid,” said the Director General of the Republican Scientific Center for Emergency Medical Aid, Abduhakim Khajibayev. “The center provides round-the-clock emergency assistance in such areas, as emergency medicine and abdominal and thoracal surgery, angio-, cardiac-, neurosurgery, combined trauma, urology, gynecology, emergency treatment and cardiology, neurology, pediatrics, pediatric abdominal and neurosurgery, children’s traumatology.

The republican centre and its regional branches have been constantly improving the quality of aid. The creation of shock and operating area in children and adult receiving-diagnostic departments became one of the latest innovations. Resuscitation department managed to relieve through the commissioning the "house awakening" service in the operational and anesthesiology unit.

"Foreign colleagues - specialists of the republican center - regional doctors" - through this chain there is implementing the strategy for the introducing of local doctors with advanced technologies into practice. Each year, about 100 people composed of 35-40 foreign delegations representing more than 15 countries visit to the Republican Scientific Center for Emergency Medical Aid, conduct master classes, seminars and lectures with the participation of foreign colleagues, perform demonstrative operations in cooperation with the foreign specialists. Since the beginning of 2016, the center organized 58 workshops in the regions with the participation of 38 doctors and candidates of sciences, including 20 foreigners, while listener audience was more than 1.2 thousand, more than 600 patients were examined, 55 demonstrative operations were carried out, 49 new methods for diagnostics and treatments were introduced.

However, one of the most weak spots of the "ambulance" is its time of arrival at the places. According to official statistics, in 15-20% of cases the ambulances are late for the call. In fact, according to Abduhakim Khajibayev, this figure may be higher. Therefore, the main social program of the year provided a set of measures aimed at reversing the current situation.

According to calculations of the Ministry of Healthcare, for the satisfactory services to the population it is required 2,400 ambulances, now these cars - just over 1,800. About 1,200 new cars will be purchased till the end of the year for the needs of the emergency medical service throughout the country. 550 of them will be acquired in the next two to three months.

In addition, this year each district of Uzbekistan will be provided with two ambulances equipped with heart monitor, defibrillator and ventilator.

The Ministry of Healthcare intends to level up the skills of dispatchers taking emergency calls and to provide the "Ambulance» cars with GPS-navigators. The number of “Ambulances” in Tashkent will increase up to 170, and during the month 150 of them will be equipped with navigators on the funds allocated by the city administration.

It is also planned to solve the issues of insufficient equipment composition of the ambulance services. As explained by Abduhakim Khajibayev, it is expected presidential resolution on standardization of spent funds for medicines and medical products of mobile ambulance teams throughout the country. The financing for this area will be increased at least four times.
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