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AIDS Patients to Be Able to Create Healthy Families

The Ministry of Health intends to strengthen the tendency to reduce the incidence of HIV using antiretroviral therapy.

- Antiretroviral therapy can prolong the life of an AIDS patient for 50 years, if they follow the doctor's recommendations. It is also important that patients, taking this therapy, reduce their viral load. They become less dangerous in terms of infection of others. We usethis knowledge to reduce new infections, the Deputy Director of the Republican AIDS Center for AIDS,DildoraMustafayeva, said.

For several years, Uzbekistan has implemented a technique by which healthy children are born from infected mothers. Today, 99.8% of the children appeared to HIV-infected mothers are healthy.

There is a problem of marriages, especially of young people, where one partner is HIV positive. The WHO has recently provided information about methods have been developed to allow these families to live a long and happy life with minimal risk of contamination of a healthy spouse and birth of healthy children. In the near future, this technique will be introduced in Uzbekistan.

To date, antiretroviral therapyis considered to be set to all HIV-positive. Nowadays, the basis for this treatment is when the number of CD-4 cells in the body is less than 500.

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