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A High-Tech Traumatology

Another meeting held within the Uzbekistan Today project ‘Access Time’ turned interesting as the director of the Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, Professor Mirhakim Azizov provided quite an objective assessment of the service and told about the prospects of its development. The director dwelled upon these aspects.

Mirhakim Javharovich, among the numerous questions asked by social network users was one from a resident of Tashkent who wanted to find out why you often cancel prescriptions of your colleagues…

“Yes, indeed, there was such a question, the author of which voiced one of the most urgent problems of modern health care.

In practice, unfortunately, we face the situations when have to cancel the prescriptions of other doctors. Despite the fact that our institute on the rights of the head of scientific-methodical center of the country in the field of orthopedics and traumatology implemented a lot of work to improve the skills of doctors of regional hospitals by holding workshops and conducting master classes, the cases take place of medical errors in diagnosis.”

How do you manage to maintain an adequate level of training of doctors working in the institute?

“We carry out extensive work. This year alone, 43 of our specialists have undergone short-term and long-term internships abroad. And each of them brought something new and progressive to our work that allowed to raise its quality.

Moreover, our institute specialists before putting the patient on the operating table discuss the prescriptions and possibilities on medical advice, and its decision is written in the patient’s medical record. This is very important.”

The Institute always carries out a lot of work to create appropriate conditions for doctors to use high technologies. In particular, the operating unit is being reconstructed now.

“Yes, now, according to the new sanitary rules and standards it is allowed to use the basements for the medical purposes. The Institute basements have partially been used as a warehouse, but the most part was empty. For our new radiology department the Ministry of Health has procured a digital X-ray machine, computer and magnetic resonance tomography. In this regard, we decided to use the basement to the needs of the new department, fitting it up with new equipment. By the way, the installation of the new equipment will significantly improve the quality of patient care in our institute, and they no longer have to go for diagnosis in other clinics. To date, the installation of equipment and construction of new premises are nearly completed, now we have to build a large comfortable waiting room for visitors.”

This year, the institute has received a neighboring building and the territory extended. What will be placed there?

“As you know, we are constantly working on introduction of advanced technologies. As a result, it turned very close in the existing building. In addition, there is a need to further develop our service. In this regard, the government had decided to allocate the other more building, which is now being reconstructed.

In addition to the fact that some units will be moved to that building, we are projecting to open two new units. One of them will develop surgery of hand and foot, as Uzbekistan still has no medical center engaged in this direction, and the other unit will deal with bone disorders - treatment of cancer, osteoporosis and bone-purulent diseases. For further increasing the quality of treatment rendered to this category of patients, these areas should be developed in our institute, because the treatment of this kind of diseases requires a good knowledge of the musculoskeletal system.”
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