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Diabetes as a Way of Life
Diabetes as a Way of Life

Numerous events have been carried out throughout the country timed for the 14th of November – the International Day to Combat Diabetes. Doctors and volunteers have again reminded the simplest rules for prevention and treatment of diabetes.  

Diabetes as a Way of Life 22-11-2016
Diabetes as a Way of Life 80
One Hundred High Technologies from Urologic Complex
One Hundred High Technologies from Urologic Complex

It has become a tradition with the national system of healthcare in recent years to introduce advanced technologies with the opening of every new clinic. 

One Hundred High Technologies from Urologic Complex 21-11-2016
One Hundred High Technologies from Urologic Complex 82
Smacking the Influenza

Anti influenza vaccine production has been launched in Uzbekistan. This will enable the country to increase the vaccination coverage up to the levels recommended by the World Health Organization, according to experts.

 Date Added: 21-11-2016
Number of views: 83
Medical workers’ holiday

In accordance with a law adopted on 12 September 2006 at the initiative of the country’s First President Islam Karimov “On establishing Medical Workers’ Day in the Republic of Uzbekistan”, Medical Workers’ Day is widely celebrated in this country on the second Sunday of November every year. 

 Date Added: 15-11-2016
Number of views: 89
Food’s Good

“Hygienic requirements for organization of nutrition of sports schools students” sanitary rules and norms have been introduced for the first time in Uzbekistan.

 Date Added: 06-11-2016
Number of views: 104
Reanimobiles for Medical Associations of Fergana region

Reanimobiles were transferred to district and city medical associations of the Fergana region in the framework of the project “Health-3”.

 Date Added: 05-11-2016
Number of views: 85
Pharmacies No Longer Be Able to Overprice Drugs

The Acting President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev has signed a Resolution ‘On measures on further improvement of public provision of medicines and medical products.’

 Date Added: 02-11-2016
Number of views: 105
Uzbek Health Ministry Develops the Rules of Nutrition of Children Involved in Sports

Uzbekistan for the first time has introduced the sanitary rules and hygienic standards ‘Hygienic requirements for the nutrition of children in sports schools.’

 Date Added: 31-10-2016
Number of views: 135
Ministry of Health to Help Families to Care for Children with Disabilities

Previously, parents raising children with disabilities had two ways: to take after them independently, to send them to Muruvvat Nursing Houses for children with disabilities. Now it turns possible to use the services of day care groups.

 Date Added: 26-10-2016
Number of views: 585
Private Clinics Get Empowered

The Ministry of Health involves private clinics in the public provision of a wider range of high-tech surgical procedures using minimally invasive methods of treatment as well as treatment and prevention of a wide range of diseases.

 Date Added: 25-10-2016
Number of views: 163
‘Healthy Lifestyle’ Service to Be Reorganized

The Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan is taking steps to optimize the network of medical institutions involved in the formation of a healthy lifestyle.

 Date Added: 24-10-2016
Number of views: 167
Uzbek Ministry of Health to Update the Staff Standards of Medical Institutions

Further gradual upgrade and introduction of new staff standards for employees will be made according to the schedule for 2016-2018.

 Date Added: 19-10-2016
Number of views: 193
And New Clinics Will Spring Up

The Ministry of Health is working on setting up new clinics aimed at the improvement of medical assistance to families and children.

 Date Added: 16-10-2016
Number of views: 201
Healthcare to be Revamped

From 2011 to 2015, the number of hospital beds in Uzbekistan decreased from 139,800 to 129,800. New reductions will continue until 2020. True, this will be related solely to anti-tuberculosis service. Will there be enough hospital beds for all those in need of them?

 Date Added: 13-10-2016
Number of views: 213
Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Diseases to Become More Accurate

The Republican Cardiology Center is taking steps to improve the accuracy of patient examinations before prescribing the treatment with the help of modern high-tech methods of diagnosis.

 Date Added: 11-10-2016
Number of views: 213
Government Intends to Create New Outpatient Clinics

The project to create new outpatient clinics is aimed at further strengthening of medical care for families and children.

 Date Added: 10-10-2016
Number of views: 206
Persons Entitled to Free Medical Care to Continue Their Treatment in Medical Institutions Passed to Self-Financing

The Ministry of Health will develop the Regulations on the arrangement of mixed financing of medical institutions of healthcare system.

 Date Added: 10-10-2016
Number of views: 201
Domestic Drugs On Par with Foreign Ones

The Ministry of Healthcare has supported domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers. Effective December 26, 2016 the drug stores will start working in compliance with recommendations according to which domestic products will have to be offered first.

 Date Added: 08-10-2016
Number of views: 179
By 2020, 156 State Healthcare Centers to Reduce the Volume of Free Medical Care

The Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan continues to increase in the proportion of hospital beds and the throughput capacity of medical institutions financed by the revenue of medical services for a fee. Some medical institutions by 2020 will pass to full self-financing.

 Date Added: 07-10-2016
Number of views: 179
The Ministry of Health Increases the Number of Pay-Beds and Expands Day Hospitals

The increase of pay-beds and expansion of day hospitals is taking place due to the reduction in the proportion of hospital beds maintained by the budget.

 Date Added: 04-10-2016
Number of views: 186