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The central bank has told, what will be the monetary policy in 2018

Monetary policy in 2018 will be conducted in conditions of relatively high inflation expectations, the official document "Fundamentals of Monetary Policy for 2018", published by the Central Bank of Uzbekistan, informs.

The implementation of monetary policy will focus on creating the necessary conditions for ensuring price stability by minimizing the influence of monetary factors on the level of inflation.

Taking into account the correlation between the level of inflation and the money supply and the exchange rate at this stage of the country's economic development, also the banking and financial system, the money supply will be used as an intermediate goal of monetary policy.

To reduce inflationary pressures in the economy, monetary and credit instruments that affect the volume of liquidity and the money supply in the banking sector will be actively and flexibly used.

Carrying out a tight monetary policy will also allow to ensure positive real interest rates in the economy and reduce the influence of internal factors of sharp fluctuations in the exchange rate.

At the same time, measures will be taken to improve the efficiency of monetary policy and improve its instruments.

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