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WUIT: Why do some academic lyceums only dream of high rates, while others are in the lead?

95 out hundred students pass the exams, test results are much higher than the average each year.

Perhaps, each of the 144 academic lyceums of the country would like to achieve such high indicators. However, these results were achieved only by one - Academic Lyceum at Westminster University in Tashkent.

Perhaps predictably, 78 % of the academic lyceum graduates became students at the Westminster University in Tashkent. They were enrolled on  preferential basis, established for the graduates of this institution - without examinations. 

Uzbekistan Today correspondent interviewed Deputy Director of Academic Lyceum at Westminster University in Tashkent, Bekzod Jalilov.

What educational standards does the Academic Lyceum uphold and how is it reflected in the cirriculum ? 

  • We uphold the same standards as the other lyceums. The only difference is that we have higher standards for English lenguage. This is due to the fact that we are dedicated to preparing students to enter the University of Westminster in Tashkent, which is taught exclusively in English. If children come to us with an estimate of 4.5 on the IELTS, after graduting from here, they have 6 - 6.5.

Is English taught by foreign teachers? 

  • All teachers are local professionals. Foreign teachers are only at the university. But, we have a strict selection of teachers. Since the beginning we consider the CV, then call candidates for an interview. Along with the director of the Lyceum, deputies, psychologist and personnel officer take part in the hiring process. Before hiring someone, we request them to teach a class. Then, we ask high school students whether they liked the teacher. Moreover, we carry out anonymous online surveys of students twice a year, during which they express their views on the work of each teacher.

As far as I know, this is not the only opportunity for students to express their opinions regarding the educational process. Student council operates on campus, and it has the power to affect the course of the learning process ...

  • Indeed. Each year, students choose a president and his deputies, and each group has a leader who represents the interests of the student body. Lyceum Administration listens to the S.U. In our history, there are numerous examples, when we offered solutions to SU proposals, often  in favor of the students.

For example, we used to have a 10 minute break after the first class and  a  big  50 minute break after the third class. At the request of students the first break was increased to 20 minutes, and the big break reduced by 10 minutes. This decision was taken due to the fact that many students live far from the Lyceum, spend a lot of time on the road, they need time to have breakfast or a snack.   


Were there any cases when students expressed their discontent? 

  • With respect to the teachers who work for us - no. Of course, there are notes on a personal level, but nobody was opposed by the whole group


What is the admission process for the Lyceum?

  • Our high school has always ranked among those with a competitive selection of students. This is because we can take 150 people out of over a thousand applicants. The materials forentrance examinations are developed by the high school administration in the UK. We test two subjects - English and mathematics. We accept IELTS certificates.


Do students often miss classes? 

  • Not without a good reason. We are very strict. Parents receive SMS-messages about when a child entered the school and came out of it. Moreover, students and their parents can view current grades and marks for performance in any place at any gadget with an Internet connection by logging into our network.


What happens if a teacher misses a class?  

- Of course , it happens, but the lesson is not disrupted. Each subject has at least two teachers and it provides interchangeability. Even if the second teacher is busy in their classrooms, the Department is required to appoint someone who can carry out the lesson according to the schedule. It is very important that there are no faults in the training schedule and delays in the curriculum.


In addition, we have strict control on the part of the University - in its composition operates a department responsible for ensuring the quality of the educational process in the lyceum. The representative of the university monitors classes. 

What is the grading system like?

- Each semester lasts 20 weeks, at the end of each semester there are three test papers. We require a written response to the questions, students need to show the progress in answering a theoretical question and demonstrate knowledge of the topic. Teachers check the work of the students, but the examiner does not know whose work he is grading, because they are numebered and given a code. We make sure that the teacher grading the works is not the one who was teaching the class.


What do teachers and students do outside of school hours?

 - Prepare for classes, work in the library. We have free of charge football and basketball clubs for students. In addition, every teacher is required to receive students at certain time slots outside of school hours. This is necessary to ensure that the pupil can clarify and understand the material. The student has the right to ask the teacher any questions, so that it all makes sense. Some students are shy to ask questions in class and that is why these out of class tutorials are so important. 

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