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Why domestic universities do not use official websites at the right level?

Official websites of higher education institutions have become a powerful interaction tool for students and teachers all across the globe.

Our national universities also have official websites, however, even the best domestic websites are worse than foreign ones. The websites are behind in functionality, content, design, and many other parameters. As a result, they attract very little attention. The effectiveness of the site is very easy to judge according to the online rankings.

Domestic universities can usedomestic ratings, one of which is the official version by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education. This ranking provides an overview of the work of university websites, forwards this information to the press and posts it on its website. 

The most advanced universities need to get acquainted with foreign educational experience.

Sites of national universities were assesed by international ratings, in particular, by the company CybermetricsLab. This company is engaged in webometric research and ranking of websites of universities around the world since the mid 90s. New results of both sources were recently made ​​public. The ratings provided by CybermatricsLab do not match the ratings published by the website of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education.

The Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education named Urgench State University (, Tashkent State Technical University ( and Fergana State University as the leaders. Whereas the sites of Termez State University (, Navoi State Mining and Metallurgical Institute ( and Urgench branch of the Tashkent University of Information Technologies (www.urgench-tuit. uz) got low ranking.

Researchers announced non-working sites, among which are the online resources of the Nukus branch of the Tashkent State Agrarian University (, Nukus branch of the Institute of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan (, the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan (www., Tashkent Institute of railway transport engineers (

Spaniards analyzed the websites of over 24 thousand universities and institutions around the world.

From domestic universities, the National University of Uzbekistan, was listed as 6565 in the ranking. The Samarkand State University got 8084th place and Samarkand Architecture and Construction Institute was placed 8408th.

In general, according to the prestigious rankings by the Spanish company, our university websites have a long way to go. Harvard, Stanford and Massachusetts Institute of Technology websites were ranked as the top three.

Discrepancies between domestic and foreign ratings are easily explained. The national ranking took into account attendance, design, availability of contacts, news, pages for students, academic sections, online services and organization of the site. The global rating assessed the presence of the sites in the search engines, their visibility and the number of hyperlinks.

Domestic universities have yet to seriously work on their sites. To understand that it is not even necessary to compare the website of Harvard University with Urgench State University’s website.








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