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Which Teachers to Receive Bonus to Salary?

Head of Department assessing the level of language proficiency of the State Testing Center, Sevara Zuparhodjaeva, considers that the system, introduced two years ago, has contributed to professional development of specialists.

Those applying for the test should wait for a comprehensive study of knowledge and skills in the language. Initially listeningischecked, because it analyzesvocabulary and grammar. Then there are the written work and testing of speech. However, before you apply for the test, you must successfully complete 144 hours of training courses and get a certificate.

“Analysis of the test of the first group showed thatoften poor results of testing are not an indicator of the low knowledge of a teacher. It is often a consequence of the fact that he or she was not ready for the new format of the test,” Sevara Zuparhodjaeva said.

This fact is also taken into account. In particular, special training courses for school teachers are held weekly on Fridays. Their program includes the issues of preparation for the test. In these sessions, they considerapproaches to solutions of specific tasks used for testing. Furthermore, all the materials needed to prepare for the test are posted on the official website of the department of assessment of the level of language skills. Here you can find not only tasks, but also the keys to him. The system is designed in such a way that without any knowledge it is almost impossible to pass the test. The specialists say that the system fully satisfies the best international models of testing language skills, in particular the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

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