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Where should graduates go after college or who will take care of their employment?

Cities and districts khokims are now personally responsible for employment of each college graduate. Major work to involve graduates in business activity continues.

One of the hotly debated topics readers addressed "Temporarily available" project – is employment of colleges’ graduates. There are many questions, but in general they can be grouped into two main questions, which we did, and transferred them to the Center of secondary special and professional education.

Head of Department for employment of college graduates Abdukhalil Rakhmonov answers.

- Often, colleges pass solution of graduates’ employment issues to parents and require providing certificates of employment of a young specialist. What is done to college really give referral to a specific company?

- The Cabinet of Ministers issued Decree No. 52 "On additional measures to improve of professional college graduates employability system" on the basis of monitoring of professional graduates’ employment in March last year. According to this document regional khokimiyats are obliged to allocate each college graduate to a particular company or organization on the basis of the received specialization for practical training and future employment.

In December 2015 and February 2016 the Cabinet of Ministers made a decision aimed at strengthening support for graduates in practical training and employment. According to the protocol decision and the instructions, a new system of contracting for practical training of college graduates and their further employment is introduced. If previously the contracts were trilateral, now they become quadripartite. They are signed by district or city khokim at the place of residence of a graduate, the head of a college, a graduate and the head of a company. Thus khokims assume personal responsibility for the future of each graduate.

Staffs for creation of jobs for college graduates and their employability are organized in all regional and city khokimiyats to fulfill these instructions. The experts of all ministries and departments, who can contribute to the solution of these tasks, including the departments of economics, population employment promotion centers, are involved to work in the staffs.

I think this year parents and graduates will have no complaints on operation of the system for employment of professional college graduates.

- Last year there was an interesting experience: "Days of Open Doors to open own business" were organized at colleges. As part of this campaign a graduate has been becoming an entrepreneur within two hours and has been getting all the necessary permits and certificates. Readers want to know the outcome of this action. How many graduates have become entrepreneurs and what are the results of their work, how many of them have succeeded as entrepreneurs and how many of them continue the begun business?

- Involvement of professional college graduates in business have for several years been one of the main complexes of measures of professional college graduates employment.

Open days – are just one of the activities to draw attention of graduates to self-employment. Colleges has put this work on a systematic basis. A broad explanatory work on the opportunities and guarantees of college graduates’ employment in small and micro-enterprises with privileges on tax payments has been made. Practical assistance to professional colleges and graduates is rendered in development of the

projects and necessary documents (business plans, collaterals, etc.) to obtain soft loans for own business.

Workshops on legal literacy of young entrepreneurs are carried out in the regions and cities of the Republic.

Through this work 33 thousand professional college graduates became entrepreneurs in 2015. Near 20 thousand of them have benefited from soft bank loans in total for 277.8 billion UZS, the other have got loans from commercial banks on a common basis.

As for monitoring of their activities, such studies have not been conducted yet.

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