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What has changed at the Uzbek State University of Foreign Languages?

Reconstruction continues. Another six buildings in the queue. 

The Uzbek State University of Foreign Languages​​. Many applicants direct their attention to this University. The competition for admission to the University of World Languages is very tough.

In recent years, experts debated about the importance of learning foreign languages, especially English. In response to increasing market demand for professionals with high level of ability to communicate in English language, universities implemented a set of measures to improve the language learning system.

A lot of issues had to be addressed in the face of an acute shortage of English speaking personell. The number of hours dedicated to teaching foreign languages were increased in the curriculum, a set of new textbooks was published. The issue, that still needs to be addressed is the lack of highly qualified English language teachers. The teachers have to be retrained in order to meet the international standards and requirements. 

Due to this situation, the Uzbek State University o Foreign Languages has become the center of large-scale transformations. At the highest level , the President signed a decree "On measures to improve activity of the Uzbek State University of World Languages ". Correspondent of Uzbekistan Today interviewed the rector of the University, Shukhrat Kayumov.

- A lot has been done to improve the quality of higher education. In this context, projects are being implemented, to improve the content of the educational process and to strengthen the material and technical base of universities. By decision of the President, the University was defined as the Republican base for educational and scientific-methodical  ​study of foreign languages.

Now we moved to a new form of language learning, which is based on the development of communication skills. In recent years, state standards of language teaching were completely revised, now they are in tune with the "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​: Learning, teaching, assessment » (CEFR).

Innovative methods of teaching foreign languages were developed. Research aimed at the development of proposals and recommendations for improving the teaching system of foreign languages ​​was prioritized. Today, the priority is to develop communication skills, rather than to learn grammar.

New advanced textbooks and teaching materials, including multimedia applications designed for textbooks are produced. Our experts take an active part in the process. These training materials are used by teachers of schools, colleges and high schools, higher education institutions of the Republic. Masters level courses are made available in cooperation with European universities on the basis of distance learning.

The University created the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for the development of innovative methods of teaching foreign languages. The center oversees research of regulatory documents on language learning in continuing education, preparation of proposals for their improvement, organization of international and regional training courses, further training of language teachers, the study of international experience in this sphere, the development of innovative methods of language teaching.

In addition, an Internet portal and electronic scientific and methodological magazine "Foreign languages ​​in Uzbekistan» ( is now available. Research in the field of language teaching is presented on the portal in the form of scientific publications, video and audio materials.

Of course, all this required the strengthening of the material-technical base of the university. A campus for university students was built in Uchtepa. The campus has modern academic buildings. Study rooms are equipped with modern language laboratories and other equipment necessary for in-depth study of a foreign language. There are modern information and resource centers, sports complexes, new student dorms. Foreign experts can now comfortable stay in a hotel, which is also located on campus.

At the same time the reconstruction of the university continues. This year it is planned to reconstruct six university buildings - three academic buildings and three buildings for accommodation of students. This will greatly improve the training and living conditions of all students. The foundation for further improving the whole system of foreign language learning in the country was laid and the new schemes for training of specialists were implemented. 










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