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What binds a regular school in Bukhara with the City of Bonn?

Education is a process. More often than not, the process goes beyond the usual framework and geographical boundaries.

Two completely regular schools. Two cities with thousands of kilometers between. Two teams of teachers. Colleagues from Uzbekistan and Germany met in Bonn to exchange experience.

Uzbek delegation went through an extensive orientation program, organized by the Uzbek-German friendship society.

First of all, the participants introduced each other with education systems, operating in respective countries. School representative of Ludwig Richter, told Uzbek colleagues about their school. It is one of the best primary schools in Bonn, which was established in 1964. In turn, representatives of the Uzbek side made a presentation about the system of 12-year compulsory education in Uzbekistan.

Despite the fact that schools operate via different mechanisms and experience of each of them is very different, they found a common theme for discussion - ecological education.

- Schools in Uzbekistan and in Germany pay a lot of attention to the environmental education of children. That is why, we chose a joint project "Environmental education of children", aimed at exchange of experience in education, culture and environmental protection, from the very beginning of our cooperation,”  said the Director of the school №1 of Bukhara, Sabohat Khaydarov. “At the same time, we have different approaches to work in this direction. In Germany, children become the organizers and participants of the meetings. We are more focused on various activities in collaboration with the neighborhood committees.”

Our german partners showed great interest in the project. The newspaper General Anzeiger Bonn published an interview with the director of the school named after Ludwig Richter, Christine Hahn: "Presentation of Uzbek colleagues showed how topics such as "sustainable development", "energy saving ","environmental protection" are relevant for students of Uzbekistan.”

We were most interested in approaches to solve the urgent problems. It is important that the project will not involve demonstrations and other mass actions, activities will be limited to a small circle of invited persons.

Exchange of experience will continue in the course of bilateral contacts.









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