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UT-expert: Tutor will not correct the situation if a child has not mastered the curriculum

The less time left until the end of school year, the more work tutors have. The opinion of most parents comes to that a good teacher will be able to help a child to close all the gaps in knowledge in a few months.

However, the result often leaves much to be desired. What experts think about it? What can tutors really do? You can read different opinions on this subject in the next special materials of UT-expert.

Director of the Republican center of career counseling and psycho-diagnostic diagnostics of students under the Ministry of Public Education Kamol Gafurov shared his opinion on this matter first.

­– I could not disagree that tutoring – is "the topic of the day." Parents try to create all conditions help your to help child to enter the desired school.

Of course, a tutor can give a child the certain amount of knowledge to help understand complex topics. But whether they should address him if the child has mastered the program? This is a multi-faceted question. Qualification of the teacher to whom parents want to address - is only iceberg of the problem. Much depends on the student, the institution in which he studied and the future expectations.

There are children who absorb well what is written in textbooks, what teacher says, and there are those who prefer to learn in the course of achieving the goal.

At the start it is very important to pay attention to the amount of knowledge of a child. It must be determined with respect to the standards established by the state educational standards as any entrance examination questions are based on these standards. In fact, schools, lyceums, and colleges should provide this level but, in practice, for various reasons, it is not always possible to do at the proper level. A good tutor or experts of supplementary education centers will help to make such assessment competently.

If the level of knowledge on the subject is low and it is needed to go through the whole program of twelve years’ education, it is necessary to understand that the situation cannot be corrected in three to four months prior to the entrance exams - this is definitely and categorically. Especially, if it is referred not to one but to two or three subjects. Unfortunately, not all tutors and supplementary education centers recognize it. Another question is if a student has good theoretical knowledge and he have, for example, to accumulate skills of solving practical tasks. In this case it is reasonable to strengthen the base in the short term.

A child must have a tough motivation - the goal he wants to achieve in life. In the recent years much attention in schools is paid to improving the vocational guidance system, but so far the results in this direction leave much to be desired. It is important that the choice is not dictated by parents and is made by a child independently. And conversely, the situation is almost impossible to correct in two to three months. It is necessary that during the entire schooling a child attends a variety of coteries, tries his hand in different spheres. Today we have all conditions for it. In particular, all music and art schools, youth sports schools, "Barkamol Avlod" children's centers have passed "reset" and completely meet the imperatives.

                When a child knows who he wants to be in the future, he will begin the path to this independently: he reads more books, studies subjects in-depth on his own. In this case help of a tutor definitely will be helpful.

For those who just have to decide on all of these parameters I recommend to take advantages of the current education system at most.

It should be remembered that the system of secondary vocational education is arranged in such way that provides education coverage in lyceums and colleges for all graduates of ninth grade. If a child is not confident in his abilities it is not necessary to go to colleges and lyceums where it is a high selection in the selected specialties and directions. There are colleges and lyceums which you can enter the same specialty without it. Experienced school teachers, school psychologists, specialists in vocational guidance will help you to make the right choice. They have relevant information. All lyceums and colleges work under the unified state educational standards and grant a diploma having the same prestige and the equal force.

And if a child intends to enter university in the future, it is needed to start preparing for the entrance exams from the first year of lyceum or college. It is advisable to enter an academic lyceum because its programs are designed to prepare for entrance exams to university. And here tutors and supplementary education centers can really be helpful to the future entrants.

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