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Ulughbek Inoyatov: A New Ministry to Deal with Preschool Education

Earlier, Uzbekistan Today reported on the establishment of the Ministry of Preschool Education. Today at a regular meeting of the international press club the Minister of Public Education Ulughbek Inoyatov, who is currently responsible for the development of these educational institutions, described this initiative in details.

“The President has set such a task that children come to school prepared for school education. In this connection, in the future, a network of preschool educational institutions (PEI) will develop in several forms, including nongovernmental and short-term stay forms. For the development of various forms of preschool education, the Ministry of Preschool Education is required,” the Minister noted.

According to him, the new ministry will deal with the methods and methodology of teaching and educating children of preschool age, as well as preparing children for schooling.

The Minister also explained the new nuances of the recently approved provisions on preschool education, according to which the age of pupils of state PEI is determined from 3 to 7. Previously, children were admitted to the PEI from the age of 2.

“All developed countries the same system, because children under the age of 3 often get sick, they do not adapt well in public places. The best education and upbringing up to 3 years are at home, by parents, this gives a very big positive result,” Inoyatov said.

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