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Training quality at higher educational institutions. The real situation.

Disputes about readiness of higher educational institutions graduates to solve professional problems have never been abated, and will have not likely abated ever, in view of manysidedness of the issue. That is what the reporter of Uzbekistan Today has been watching at the conference of graduate students and senior scientists of Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology.

A Senior Research Fellow-Competitor, Asror Juraev, and a master’s student Boysait Saitov have offered re-use of plastic soft drinks bottles technology. They consider this material as raw material for production of modern plastic pipes, which are now widely used in construction of buildings and engineering structures.

A Senior Research Fellow, Fozil Eshmatov, has reported on the developed by him technology of clarified grape juice production. His method is different from the common analogs by simplicity and domestic food industry processes orientation.

More than fifty reports were prepared for the conference, and each message sounded like a proposal ready for implementation. So, there are good professionals who are able to promote the further development of production; not just to carry on with the started, but to develop the technologies available in the enterprise.

It turns out that potential employers, who criticize universities for the quality of training most often, do not really pay attention to the potential of young students. I asked the Rector Sadritdin Turabzhanov how many adoptions the have made for the recent years, and the answer was – “none”.

The Rector explained that to date, the University graduates are in demand in the economy, but as the ordinary professionals who will continue the work begun. He emphasized that, unfortunately, the potential of graduates is not very demanded to solve the accumulated problems, promotion and development of the technology.

In this case, the criticisms to universities about the quality of work do not always reflect the real situation in full.

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