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There Are Still Shortcomings in Foreign Language Learning System. The Ministry of Public Education Works on measures to eliminate them

The Ministry of Public Education and the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education in collaboration with the National TV and Radio Company will continue to create environment for communication in a foreign language aimed to improve foreign language learning system.

A significant work has been done on improving foreign language learning system in schools within the recent years. However, the leading teachers note that it is not enough for communication skills development; it is necessary to create opportunities that would allow language learners to listen to the speech in the studying language and to communicate in it outside a school.

Following these recommendations, it is planned to show cartoons and children movies in foreign language on Bolajon TV Channel ("Child") within the framework of the state program ‘Year of a healthy mother and child’. It is also planned to increase their sessions and duration, as well as of educational programs on Dunyo Buylab TV Channel (Around the world).

Clubs for foreign languages lovers will be organized for school students with participation of school children, their teachers and students of universities of foreign languages learning.

Moreover, improvement of the teaching system in educational institutions will be continued as well. For example, the first textbook with multimedia attachment for 4th grade will be created for the first time in the history of the country. Teachers’ training at weekly courses of professional skills improvement, as well as traineeship abroad for the winners of "The best teacher of foreign language" republican contest conducted among teachers of secondary schools will be continued.

Moreover, the Ministry intends to promote measures on encourage teachers to improve the quality of foreign language teaching in secondary schools and to hold extra lessons for pupils.

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