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The best experts from Germany, Singapore, the Republic of Korea and Japan to develop textbooks for Uzbek schools

The Program for development and publishing is being drafted by the Ministry of Public Education. A new generation of textbooks for secondary schools will be published in  2016-2020.

Before developing new textbooks, we need to develop new standards of teaching. Fundamentally new educational methodology will be introduced, first and foremost, for the exact and natural sciences. This methodology will be aimed at developing students skills and application of educational material in practice.There will be new programs and new textbooks. This work will attract the leading national experts, as well as experts from the best training centers in Germany, Singapore, the Republic of Korea and Japan, as well as international scientists and experts. The experience of the development and introduction of modern textbooks in English will be employed, when creating new textbooks.

A new generation of textbooks will be fundamentally different from existing ones. Firstly, they will be published together with the methodological guidance for teachers. Secondly, the books will be accompanied with multimedia adds on (electronic applications, audio, video). Books on some subjects will include worksheets for the student inside the kit.





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