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The Only Response Is Problem Solution

Ministries and other government agencies undertake measures on the elimination of barriers on examining and solving the problems raised by the population. Appeals of this nature are accepted in the Prime Minister’s virtual reception via “helpline” on the unified portal of interactive government services. 


It has become a tradition with the Ministry of Public Education to conduct on-line communication sessions. The Minister responded to questions at the first two sessions, now similar meetings are planned to be held by territorial directorates. The Tashkent City Directorate of the Ministry of Public Education was the first to communicate with the public. Citizens of the capital city were able to ask all kinds of questions on the activities of the public education establishments – kindergartens, schools, out of school educational institutions, and pedagogical higher educational establishments – via the site of the Ministry of Public Education via electronic mail or by phone.

The communication time was extended from 10.00 till 13.00 to have enough time to answer so many incoming questions. 35 specialists examined the appeals. Overall they processed 20 appeals made over the phone and the same number of appeals received via electronic post and by the forum of the Ministry of Public Education.

There were many questions on the heating of educational institutions due to the cold snap. In particular, Rafa Mamatqulova reported that despite the beginning of the heating season, children suffer cold at the pre-school educational establishment No.419 in Mirzo-Ulughbek district. Specialists commented that responsibility for heating rests with the “Tashteploenergo” district directorate and its employees jointly with the administration of the kindergarten. They had to take all measures to ensure that the heating season at this pre-school institution had begun within the established deadlines.

Many questions were also asked about consolidation of the schools’ material-technical base and carrying out reconstruction and overhaul work. All those interested in this question were explained that the government adopts annual investment programs, which include in the first place, the educational institutions with higher need in refurbishment and reconstruction.

Not a few questions were linked with the content of the educational process and provision with text books. To be more specific, Nasima Khojaqulova asked to explain why all schools should make use of standard text books from school libraries. Specialists responded that the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted the state educational standards, which ensure the continuity of education at all levels, hence the need in unified programs and text books. Plus there are sanitary-hygienic requirements to the text books established in the Republic and approved by the Ministry of Healthcare. The state guarantees the observation of those requirements through the centralized printing of text books. Following the sanitary norms and regulations is a manifestation of care about schoolchildren’s health.

Not less questions were asked about the uniform. Experts explained that the country has developed certain requirements for schoolchildren’s dress, but how it should look like is to be decided by every school and class independently. Experts stressed that the uniform was required to create lesser number of distracting factors during the learning process, so that nothing prevented the children from concentrating their attention on their studies.



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