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Sweeping changes are expected in formal education. The Ministry of Public Education enlightened the prospects

Plans of the State program "Year of healthy mother and child" in developing a new generation of textbooks can result in a new program or an action plan for development of formal education till 2020.

Islom Zakirov, director of the National Center of Ministry of Public Education, told about this in the interview with Uzbekistan Today.

Today experts of MPE together with representatives of the Ministry of Finance actively discuss the plan to implement the task of developing new textbooks.

- First of all, we have to determine the quality of the pending changes. In particular, the specialists of our center believe that it is needed to improve education in terms of development of skills of application of educational material in practice in students and more active use in this process of information, communication and multimedia technologies. At the same time, we collect opinions of other experts, - Islam Zakirov told. - Second, we have to determine the schedule and progress of the plans.

The expert notes that implementation of the plans requires a comprehensive approach. First of all, it is needed to develop updated subject standards and programs, then to develop textbooks and manuals, and equally time-consuming and laborious work on training of teachers to work according to the new standards and programs. Perhaps, implementation of these measures will be accompanied by reequipment of schools with training equipment.

The specialist has also noted that development of new textbooks and teaching aids may begin earlier than the end of 2017, since it takes time to develop and test of new curricula.

Particular attention will be paid to compatibility of programs with curricula of secondary specialized vocational education, which should be harmonized with the school curricula.

Islam Zakirov has also stressed that foreign experts, notably from Korea, Japan and Malaysia, will be actively involved at this stage of improvement of formal education.

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