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Senior Executives to Be Trained with Involvement of Foreign Experts

The Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the UN Development Program in Uzbekistan are launching a joint project ‘Support to Civil Service Training in Uzbekistan.’

The project is aimed at further improving the system of training and retraining of civil servants.

The joint project on Civil Service Training is expected to start its activities on November 2016 and to continue until December 2018. The total budget amounts to USD 350,000. During the implementation period, additional resources will be mobilized and new partner organizations will be engaged.

The key areas of the joint project are following: First, significantly enhance the quality of curriculum through involvement of foreign professors and introduction of international standards, expertize and new teaching methodologies; second, showcasing the international best practice for Academy’s students and faculty staff through further training and upgrading skills in foreign partner institutions; third, conducting joint research and conferences, workshops on modernization of public administration.

The implementation framework of the outlined directions entails semester visits, lectures of top-notch foreign professors and experts, their engagement to curriculum development and methodological instruments in APA, organizing study-tours for real-life learning of international best practice on public sector management, undertaking joint research and workshops with aim to devise solid recommendations on further enhancement of public administration system in Uzbekistan.

It is noteworthy that new joint project will also engage international partners of Academy of Public Administration such as KOICA, ADB, GIZ, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, OSCE Project Coordinator in Uzbekistan, UK Embassy in Uzbekistan and others to various project activities’ implementation.

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