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School Education of Tomorrow

UT correspondent visits the school #69 of Tashkent to find the answer to the question on the school education of tomorrow.

At first glance – it is the most ordinary school, which has renovated modern study rooms of physics, chemistry, biology, computer science. Teachers apply multimedia materials during classes. However…

This school is one of the schools that are declared by the Ministry of Public Education as experimental platforms: teachers here are taught to the educational program that is only prepared for implementation in other schools.

“To date, we perform testing of educational programs on 16 subjects,” says the director of the school Kizlarsora Mahkamova. “The principal difference is that today, techniques have been used more actively, allowing to develop in students the skills of practical application of educational material. If we talk about language learning - it is the communication skills, about mathematics - the application of mathematical knowledge in practice. Previously, our education was largely academic, as we paid much attention to the revision of theoretical material. But life has shown that it is necessary to pay equal attention to the practical application of the studied material. Today, in many ways the quality of education is measured not by the fact that the graduate knows, but how quickly and competently he or she solves practical tasks.”

The words of the director are largely explained by what we have seen during a school excursion. Here, classes are conducted with the use of visual aids, modern laboratory analytical instruments, and information technology. It is noteworthy that the teachers use the materials they prepared by their own hands.

For example, teacher Khalida Mamurova has her Uzbek language class at 9A grade. At first glance, nothing new: didactic material, cut out of colored paper, is used in the learning process for many years… But in the end, after a survey bright flower appears on the board, whose petals characterize the features of using the verb.

“The novelty in the application of this technique is that we use it almost every lesson. It helps students to remember a complex teaching material,” says Khurshida Usmanova. “The new technique involves the use of a wide range of new technologies. Even the evaluation of the knowledge we use to review the material, tests are also good helper at that. Most of them are aimed at developing students’ skills of practical application of theoretical material.”

The task of the teachers in this school is somewhat more complicated unlike their colleagues working in ordinary schools, they are to the results of each lesson, prepare analytical materials, in which they estimate the effectiveness of the proposed programs. Based on their comments, the draft documents prior to approval and implementation will be further developed.

And tomorrow, new materials will be tested in these classes.
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