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Portrait of Teaching Staff in Colleges and Lyceums

Over the past 20 years Uzbekistan has formed the army of specialists consisting of nearly 120 thousand teachers of new formation, who train students in professional colleges and academic lyceums.

In the process of development of the system of secondary special and professional education under the National Personnel Training Program the number of colleges and lyceums has doubled, as well as teachers working in them.

Almost all universities launched special departments to meet the demand in teachers. However, the staffing issues were solved not only with the help of graduates of universities, but also the involvement in teaching of leading production specialists.

In principle, when the teaching staff of secondary specialized, professional education was formed, it became apparent that the level of training does not meet the requirements of the time, which had no good effect on their work. They mostly used school methods, while advanced technology was needed to ensure the training of students’ skills to work independently. So four years ago, a series of policy documents was issued aimed at improving the advanced training and retraining of teachers of secondary special and professional education. This work was led by the Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining of Teachers.

Today, 115,800 teachers work in professional colleges and academic lyceums, of which 90.6% have higher education, and more than 70% of teachers are highly skilled professionals under the age of 40.

They teach classes with the application of modern progressive teaching and the latest computer, information and communication technologies, including the Internet. The number of multimedia textbooks and virtual labs has been rapidly increasing in recent years. All this had a positive impact on the quality of training of students.
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