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One billion soums to be spent on maintance of the Lyceum

Nearly one billion soums was directed for maintanance of Academic lyceum hostel number 3 at Bukhara State University, located in Karakul district.

This fact could be left unnoticed if we were talking about some other academic lyceum or professional college, but here we have a special case.

This Academic lyceum has an interesting modern history. It was designed and built in 2010 on the basis of the famous Karakul Lyceum, which is known for its mathematical school. For many years the school, created by Tuhtamurod Djumaev, released the winners of international Olympiads in mathematics, physics and chemistry.

The specialized school was preserved and academic lyceum was established on its basis. Tuhtamurod Jumaev agreed to take the lyceum under his wing.

“I agreed, because international competitions mainly involve children who are  the same age as our students at the lyceum. For me it is very important that the students are able to get into international competitions and win. My whole team puts in a lot of effort,” says the founder of the school, Tuhtamurod Jumayev. “I do not forget about the specialized school either. I help my students.”

Karakul today has an incredible reputation, children from all over the country are sent here to study. It is incredible given that the lyceum is located in the middle of a steppe, 60 kilometers from Bukhara. In the past, there were times when students stayed to live with the teachers.

When they built the lyceum, they made sure it had a dormitory for students who come from afar. Now it is time to repair the building.

“It would be easier if we were located somewhere in the city,” says Tuhtamurod Jumayev. “We strive to provide high-quality education and also normal living conditions. Therefore, we asked the Fund for Reconstruction, refurbishment and equipment of professional colleges and academic lyceums, schools and health facilities, to help us with further maintanance of the Academic lyceum.

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