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On the Wave of Professional Growth

Uzbekistan celebrated the Day of Teachers and Mentors. Teachers were honored as always on a great scale. They were addressed with numerous words of gratitude, which are repeated on this occasion from one year to another. At the same time, very few people think how the professional image of a pedagogue has changed during these years.

   A teacher today is not a specialist of the past years. This is stated in acting President Mirziyoyev’s decree  in connection with awarding a group of the best workers of the sphere of education and upbringing of the youth. He noted those who had been continuously working on the improvement of their professional qualification through enriching the training process with new and progressive elements. 98 persons received government awards this year in connection with the holiday. The highest awards – the title “People’s Teacher of the Republic of Uzbekistan” were conferred on the teacher of mathematics and informatics of the specialist secondary general educational school No.45 of Oqdaryo district of Samarkand region Dilorom Mamamsharipova and teacher of the Uzbek language and literature of the secondary general educational school No.40 of Chinoz district of Tashkent region Ra’no Fozilova.

   It was not by chance that the Ministry of Public Education had invited journalists for a briefing to the Tashkent City Institute for re-training and personnel qualification improvement – these institutions play an important role in bringing up the school education to the level of requirements of the time. All regional establishments have been overhauled and fitted out with the equipment. The system of qualification improvement has been fully reformed with consideration of the specifics of national model of education. 67 thousand pedagogues have been able to raise the level of their qualification according to new standards at these courses this year. 

   Representatives of the Ministry note that great attention has been paid in recent years to purposeful training of specialists for the needs of remote settlements. Last year 192 youths and girls from 47 outlying districts and rural settlements were enrolled into the higher educational institutions of the country. With the aim of motivation of foreign language teachers their monthly salary rates were revised with an eye of adding up 30% to rural teachers and 15% - to urban teachers’ salaries.

   An almost 120,000-strong army of pedagogical personnel of new formation – specialists of professional colleges and academic lyceums – has taken shape during the last 20 years in Uzbekistan. In the process of development of the system of secondary special professional education within the framework of the National program on training personnel the number of such institutions as well as the number of pedagogues for the purpose of full coverage of school graduates with 12-years compulsory education has doubled. After the formation of pedagogical teams it has become obvious that the level of training specialists did not meet the demand of time. Hence the issuance of a number of directive documents four years ago aimed at raising the qualification level and re-training of teachers of special secondary and professional education.

   College and lyceum specialists today conduct lessons with application of modern progressive pedagogical and the latest computer information-communication technologies. The number of multi-media text-books and virtual laboratories keeps growing up at accelerated rates. Such advanced pedagogical methods and technologies as case studies, thematic projects, training in teams, business games, interactive training and others are being widely used at the lessons.

   Transformations have also been carried out at the higher educational institutions, where works more than 22 thousand faculty, among them more than one thousand have PhD degrees and 7 thousand are Masters of Science. They too are working hard on raising the level of their qualification. In particular, all training plans and curricular have been reviewed before the beginning of the new academic year. This work was conducted with the broad participation and within the framework of close partnership with the leading universities and higher educational institutions. The talk is actually about complete renunciation of outdated approaches and methods of teaching educational disciplines, introduction of new plans and curricular at bachelors’ and masters’ courses based on modern achievements of global science and advanced pedagogical technologies.

Radical changes are continued also within the system of re-training and qualification improvement of university faculty. In compliance with the Decree of the President “On measures on further improvement of the system of re-training and qualification improvement of higher educational institutions’ administrative and pedagogical personnel” the country had embarked one year ago on the road of active induction to and training of university faculty the best practices with the use of pedagogical technologies of the best foreign higher educational institutions. 15 specialists from South Korea, Italy, Austria, Japan, the USA, Spain, France and others were invited to the posts of deputy directors to branch centers under the base higher educational institutions of the country.
                There is no doubt that all these activities will produce tangible results within feasible future. 

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