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Music schools to be supplied with new music sheets

Ministry of National Education will make sure, that children's music and art schoolsare supplied with new textbooks and manuals.

Last year, we completed the implementation of the state program on the development of music and art schools. It is planned to supply these institutions with new textbooks on a regular basis.

For example, it is planned to supply 176.6 thousand copies of textbooks, teaching aids with 72 new titles, 236 thousand collections of music sheets, 15,8 thousand of visual materials and 3.8 thousand multimedia tools based on advanced training programs, by 2020. 

This set of measures will be implemented through the creation of new textbooks and teaching materials, collections of music sheets for pupils of children's music and art schools. It is planed to involve leading representatives from the teaching staff of the country in this process.

World classical music sheets will also be purchased in foreign countries.  In addition, the school of music and art collections will be supplied with records of classic works of national music, in order to explore the heritage of national musical art.





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