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Multimedia Reality

What is the difference between the educational process at modern school and that of several decades ago? One of the main differences is computers and multimedia. Nowadays multimedia is becoming more popular, which allows to visualize the teaching material and present it in accessible for children form. Today, Uzbekistan undertakes great efforts to provide schools with the necessary number of multimedia that meet the requirements of existing training programs. But…


Meeting with the Director of the Center for Development of Multimedia Educational Programs Kozim Gafurov within the Uzbekistan Today project ‘Access Time’ shows a mismatching in several positions of experts and users. Why? This is what we have tried to understand, in an interview held after consideration of the questions asked by social network users.

Kozim Nurilhakovich to understand the situation let us once again turn to the question received on the project from Lola Rakhimova. She raised the question concerning the application of multimedia.

“Development of interactive multimedia resources meeting the teaching standards of Uzbekistan is a relatively new trend, which has received intensive development over the past four or five years. And that says a lot. Today we are going to ensure multimedia applications used in each subject in all languages of ​​training. And in this regard we have already achieved some success. For the first, second and third grades of secondary schools multimedia applications are created on such subjects as Mathematics, The world around us, Native language, Reading, Russian language, and others. This year, the work will be completed on multimedia for the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh grades, to help learning foreign languages ​​online resources have been created for the first, second, third and fourth grades, as well as audio CDs for grades from fifth to ninth.

The national education system to date has created and introduced 587 electronic information-educational resources in tote. At the same time the pace of work is gaining momentum. If in 2015, the Center developed 93 names of educational resources, audio and video lessons, interactive animation of virtual labs, tests, games, and other resources, then in 2016 this number reached 134. All developed resources are placed on portal and are freely available, and each student can use this product at any time of the day.

And it is not necessary to wait for the completion of the development of multimedia in all subjects. Multimedia aids are additional tutorials designed primarily for independent use by students during the preparation of homework and self-study. So in that regard, much depends on the students themselves and their desires. For our part we are doing everything to make our multimedia resources interesting in the use, no less than toys.”

Continuing the theme, Shahlo Marhamatova says that available interactive equipment in schools is not being used to the full…

“All of these technologies for secondary schools are quite a new phenomenon, and it will take time for their more effective use.

As for multimedia aids, teachers can easily use the developed manuals, about which we have talked now. Moreover, they have no limits to their creative approach to work. Something they can create themselves, something adopt in the information-resource centers, and on the Internet.

At the same time we must admit that there is a question of the level of preparation of teachers to work with the latest equipment. The issue today is solved too. If at the first, we only held seminars on the base of our center, then today to speed up the process of training and retraining of teachers we are working with the Institutes of retraining and advanced training of teaching staff - it makes possible to cover almost all teachers.

Monitoring shows that these efforts are paying off: the modern training equipment is used in the educational process in high volume.”

And one more important question, which is of interest of the many, and which to some extent was raised by the participants of the project ‘Access time.’ It is concerning the automation of school document circulation. So far, we only say that soon stop using the traditional school registers and other documents in paper format…

“Why, we slowly, but move towards the assigned task. Today all the necessary software is ready, legal questions under consideration that accompany the introduction of this system.

When we set the task to programmers, you were not limited to electronic registers and decided to create a school education control system. Electronic registers are only one small structural unit of the system.

The system is intended for automation of the educational process and keeping record of teachers and students, teaching materials and material-technical base of educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It includes a database of teachers and students at all educational institutions under the Ministry of Public Education. With this program, parents will be able from any place with the Internet access to keep abreast of key events in the school, as well as monitor progress and behavior of their child.

The most important thing is that the system allows parents to be aware of all the information relating to their child. In the system, each user whether the teacher, the student, the parent or official will have their authentication data (username and password), which will allow them to have access only to their data.

I think that the system will work in full in the near future.”





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