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Missing Nursery Turns Unprofitable

What better not to do, so as not to lose the place in nursery, and not overpay for services not rendered? UT correspondents examined a new Regulation on the procedure of payment for the nursery.

Delay in payment for two weeks without a good reason is still the basis for suspension of the child’s stay in the nursery. However, the payment terms are changed, they have now been extended to five days. If earlier it was necessary to pay for up to 10th of each month, it is now possible up to the 15th. It also been determined that the payment for children who come after the 15th should be made within three days of their arrival in proportion to the remaining days of the month.

However, the debt payment terms have been reduced from 90 to 60 days, in which the child can be restored to attend the nursery. Otherwise, parents have to take the line for the reception in nursery.

Rules for non-attendance of the nursery have been toughened as well. If earlier each year a child can not attend nursery 90 days a year and this recalculation was made, now this term shortened to 60 days. During the days in excess of these terms, regardless of the attendance and non-attendance the payment is made on a general basis. Now except the child’s illness parents should in advance to write a report indicating the reasons why a child does not attend nursery in the specified terms.
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