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Law University Students to Receive Scholarships under the New Regulations

Changes are introduced in the Instruction on the order of appointment and payment of scholarships to students of higher education institutions.

TSUL student who has failed to make up missed assignments within one month, provided for re-mastering, and transferred to the next term (course), and make up missed assignments subsequently, will receive his/her scholarship in the first day of the month following the elimination of academic failure. In the appointment of scholarships special coefficients are used depending on performance (standing) of the student before the end of the academic term in which the missed assignment has been made up;

Student who failed to pass any kind of rating control on documented good reason will receive a scholarship for the period provided for re-mastering. Payment shall be subject to successful completion of the rating control.

The general procedure for the payment of scholarships to students of universities with missed assignments is also regulated. The scholarship can not be removed for students having missed assignments due to illness or other valid reasons, confirmed by relevant documents in the case of elimination of the academic failures in set time (previously, time for making up missed assignments is set by rector for each individually).

The instructions made clarification concerning the composition of the scholarship committee of higher education institutions. The commission, chaired by provost for academic affairs, includes a head of the department for academic services. The rest of the composition is the same as that of the universities that have provided dean’s office - representatives of labor unions and youth organizations, academic groups, and accounts department.
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