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Launching Pad

A program on further development of pre-school education, the implementation of which is projected to be launched in 2017, is currently being elaborated in Uzbekistan. But the development of pre-school education does not stand still even today.

In particular, a “round-table” meeting was held in Gulistan to discuss issues in the further improvement of pre-school education.

The meeting participants noted that the plan on consolidation of the material-technical basis of pre-school educational establishments and expansion of children’s coverage, being realized for the second year running promoted to modernization of the system of pre-school education.

A radical reconstruction has been carried out and material-technical base of twelve kindergartens in Sirdarya region has been strengthened so far. 71 pre-school educational establishments have been fully fitted out with 12 types of school supplies in this on top of that.

In particular, on the eve of the event a pre-school establishment designed for 280 children was overhauled and commissioned for operation in the town of Shirin. Volleyball, basketball and mini football pitches and play grounds, offices for music, Russian and English language hobby clubs and sport clubs have been fitted out with all necessary equipment.

“This establishment the capital repair of which was carried out by the civil engineering company “Mirakontamirservis” is provided with different types of equipment, toys and 12 types of school supplies,” says chief of the this pre-school educational establishment Nigora Rasulova. “There are all conditions available her for the efficient conduct of dance, free calisthenics lessons and other directions.”

It is noteworthy that the educational process is also being improved. This was the topic which the leading specialist of the Sirdaryo regional directorate of public education Gulbahor Parpiyeva elaborated on the example of the kindergarten No.151:

“There are about 200 children being brought up at this establishment. Special attention is paid to raising the quality and efficiency of education and upbringing. To be more specific, different review-contests, “Soghlomjon-polvonjon”, “Checkmate-checkers” and “Kichkintoi-shirintoi” sporting competitions are held here on a regular basis. This spirit of competition motivates children to cognizing the surrounding world.”

The unique experience of several best pre-school establishments of Sirdaryo region was presented at the “round table” meeting. Particular attention was devoted to undertakings on bringing up in children the feeling of patriotism and respect to national values. The forum participants are determined to continue pooling their experiences in a working order.

At the end of the event Gulbahor Parpiyeva expressed hope that the adoption of the currently elaborated program on the development of pre-school education will contribute to further deepening of the started out transformations.
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