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Kindergardens will be upgraded

In accordance with revised and approved new regulations, preschool educational institutions will be equiped with new furniture, educational visual aids, technical devices, toys and sports equipment.

According to the information service of the Ministry of National Education, implementing a program aimed at strengthening the material-technical base of preschool educational institutions is very important.

The Ministry stressed that the work is not limited to the repair of the premises and also includes equipping kindergardens with all necessities. Lists are updated based on the technological developments and implementation in the educational process of modern pedagogical techniques.

The approved list is the minimum requirement for all institutions, regardless of their form of ownership.

The list includes 171 kinds of equipment necessary for all units of the institution.

Equipment is updated accounting for needs of children of different ages. Children with special needs are given special consideration.

Also kindergardens will be equipped with music classrooms, gyms and summer playgrounds .




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