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How many computers do schools in Uzbekistan need?

In recent years we constantly hear reports of the Ministry of National Education on equipment schools with new computers.

This year 1620 schools will receive modern computer labs and interactive whiteboards. The correspondent of Uzbekistan Today will sort out how it will change the overall situation in school education.

Mass equipping schools with modern computer equipment has been started since 2004 and is conducted in stages. For these purposes the country attracts actively foreign investments. Schools have been begun to equip according to needs of students. Some have two or more computer class.

On average, today one educational institution has more than 13 computers rooms, while in 2010/2011 this figure was 9.1 computers. The number of computers new modifications increased in schools from 89.022 in 2010-2011 to 132.264 this year.

Today 8358 out of 9733 educational institutions have computer rooms equipped with modern computer equipment.

Yes, there are still schools that are not equipped with modern computer equipment. The Ministry of Public Education plans to fill this gap in this year.

The ministry said that equipping schools with modern computer equipment will be continued, as demand for them increases day by day. If 10-15 years ago these rooms were designed exclusively for IT lessons, now other disciplines classes using multimedia aids are carried out there increasingly. Most often it is foreign languages lessons.

Further improvement of training programs and plans also will be considered this year that implies a further increase in use of computer technology in educational process. In the coming years the multimedia aids like for English language will be developed for other subjects. It is obvious that very soon it will be is extremely insufficient to have onу computer class at school.


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