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Formula of Success of University: Rector + Reconstruction or Why Students Move from Regions to Tashkent?

Decreasing the number of students in the capital and increasing the number of students in the regional universities is one of the priorities of the higher education system in the years 2011-2016.

Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute is leading in this process. Three years ago, quotas for admission of students were doubled and have since remained unchanged at 1,135 persons.

State regulations seek to bring the training of the students closer to the potential consumer. Understandably, young people are looking for ways to move to the capital , because everyone wants to receive quality education. Therefore, adjustment of the number of students at institutions demanded serious measures for improvement of the educational process .

It is not by mere chance that Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute is in the center of the transformation. Firstly, a free industrial zone “Jizzakh” was created on the territory of the city, and a lot of modern high-tech industries are being activated in the area. Secondly, Navoi free industrial and economic zone is also located nearby and is in need of personnel. Also, the Institute is the largest center for training of specialists in the fields of construction of roads,textile and light industry, as well as electric power industry. The Institute is focused on the training of specialists for all enterprises throughout the central part of the country.

In fact, there are students from all regions of the country currently enrolled in the Institute. Some students come even from the Ferghana Valley , although there is a polytechnic Institute there .

“At first, the Institute was attractive to young people from remote settlements, because of low entry requirements. We have students who scored just 90 points for their entrance exams. It is not possible to be accepted to the Fergana Polytechnic Institute and Tashkent State Technical University with such results”,- says the rector of Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute Ergash Soliev. - However, the situation is starting to change. We have become more attractive for the students thanks to the ongoing economic reforms in the region and qualitative changes in the educational process. In the 2015/2016 academic year, all 70 universities and their regional branches saw an increase in the number of applicants by 63 thousand people. And three thousand from that number are appicants for our instituion.

The turning point in the history of the university was June 29, 2012. That day two decrees were issued by the Cabinet of Ministers. The first decree was adopted to improve the activity of the university , and the second decree appointed the new rector . Appointment of Ergash Soliev as a dean of the university surprised many at first. Previously he was a deputy for the regional governor for three years and a deputy for district governer for 12 years. However, he started his career at the Tashkent State Technical University. However, time puts everything in its place. His wealth of experience in senior management positions has helped the new rector in solving the many problems that have accumulated at the institute.

Initially, it was decided to allocate a building for the university teaching and laboratory in the city. However, the university administration was able to prove the necessity and feasibility of building a new one on campus, next to other buildings of the university. Currently, construction is well underway. The construction will be finished by the 25th anniversary of Independence.

In parallel, the façade of the existing building of the Institute is being reconstructed. Today it is one of the few buildings in the city which has its original architecture with night lights working on renewable energy from a wind turbine and solar panels. The showers and cloakrooms of the sports complex were reconstructed, modern football pitches were built and a number of other buildings were upgraded.

“At first there were a few of those who laughed at me on the choice of the buildings that we prioritized to reconstruct. Yes, yes they laughed, because among other things, we prioritized building a new toilet with modern fixtures and installed new equipment in the showers of the sports complex”, - says Ergash Soliev.

But I never for a moment doubted the correctness of my actions. The fact that we upgrade the university in accordance with modern architectural and construction standards and widely introduce modern technology makes the students makes the students feel proud and comfortable, but most importantly - provides a great educational effect, because we are able to converse with foreign partners on an equal footing even in such seemingly small matters. This is very important, given that we are now focused on training specialists for the new modern high-tech enterprises.

We purchased new equipment in three years, thanks to the support of the flagships of domestic industry such as “Uzavtosanoat”, “Uzbekenergo” and the enterprises of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources. This will significantly strengthen the laboratory facilities.

The principles of integration of science- education and industry were put into practice. The establishment of branches of the department constitutes only one of the directions of this work. The Institute becomes a producer of competitive products, annually producing jumpers worth one billion som. And with the completion of the new building the production of wind turbines will be launched.

Production at the university also has a positive effect on the quality of training, it gives students the confidence that they can become producers of competitive products, - emphasizes Ergash Soliev. - When I talk about the quality of our jumpers, I always remember our German partners who helped us organize this production. We presented one of the specialists with a jumper. After a while he calls to tell me that his wife thought that the clothes were bought from an expensive boutique in USA.

With the support of the Committee for Coordination of Science and Technology, the Institute carried out three research projects.


Every morning, dean Ergash Soliev begins with birthday greetings of the faculty and staff of the Institute. He pays attention to each and all problems - an important aspect that contributes to the rise of the institute as a whole. Introducing the system of peer-tutoring of students improved student performance and attendance. This experience was even replicated by other universities in the country.


However, the dean noted that there are still a lot of problems that need to be addressed. They plan to actively involve young specialists with a fresh outlook on the world to bring about innovative solutions. 


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