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Facts and Figures: School Education. Breakthrough Development Statistics

The content of the school curriculum has faced radical changes. This was preceded by a lot of work with involvement of leading educators and researchers.
The Deputy Minister of Public Education of Uzbekistan Dilshod Kenjaev dwells upon the matter.
“Already in 1999, Uzbekistan one of the first in CIS, introduced the new state educational standards. Much has been done to ensure the interconnectedness of the curricula of schools, colleges and lyceums based on the value of specific subjects, age and psycho-physiological characteristics of children. As part of the further modernization, state standards and program projects have been designed on 18 subjects, based on a new, competent approach. They are now being tested in the general institutions of secondary special and vocational education.
The changes are reflected in the new generation of textbooks, to the production of which the state pays much attention. In 1991, the level of provision of schoolchildren with textbooks was 55.4 per cent, and now has grown to 100. In the last five years, 234.2 billion soums directed to publish millions of books of 1958 titles. Those include seven aids with multimedia applications, with the help of which primary school teachers will be able to actively apply advanced teaching and information technology. Over five hundred e-books, video and audio lessons have been developed, as well as interactive animation and virtual labs, tests, and educational games. More than three dozens of IT systems and services created, which are also put into practice and have proven their effectiveness.

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