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Alphabet book - more important than you think: on the quality of education from the very first steps

The road to knowledge begins with the alphabet book. It is the first book that all kids receive when they go to school. If we ask each of the 631 thousand first-graders, which started 2015/2016 school: " What did you learn so far?" , Among the numerous variations of the responses, we are sure to hear " the alphabet ".

One of the main outcomes of the first semester at school is learning the alphabet. And that moment is remembered largely because many schools have a tradition of celebrating this important chapter with  "Alphabet celebration." It is one of the first highlights of life of the first-graders, who remember the event. Most often it is a celebration, with the participation of parents and teachers, in which students show interludes, talk about how important it is to know the letters and to be able to read, they participate in various competitions and quizzes.

“Nothing stands still and modern lessons in which children learn the alphabet, are very different from those twenty or thirty years ago. Today, most children, due the availability of various training courses, come to school already with some knowledge of the alphabet and basic reading skills.This requires the primary school teachers to be more skilled: the lesson has to be useful and entertaining for kids with prior knowledge and for those who are just starting,” says the teacher of the Tashkent Institute of retraining and advanced training of teachers, Mamura Yuldosheva. “As a result of intense research and reflection, teachers developed new methods to keep children engaged during the class. In the beginning of the third quarter, our first-graders already acquire the basic reading skills.”

Today, at the disposal of students, there are publications, based on many years of teaching experience. The Ministry of National Education is improving textbooks, paying attention to feedback from teachers and parents. In recent years, these textbooks were improved in content and design.

The latest editions of Alphabet books are created on the basis of an integrated approach to teaching. This means that in addition to the most important - the letters, children acquire additional knowledge. 

Today domestic alphabet books are printed in paperback. The older books were published in hardcover. The transition from hard to soft binding did not occur by accident, but due to the advice from doctors. A number of important changes to the graphical elements of textbooks were also made on doctor’s recommendation. The thing is that for the child to grow up healthy, his backpack or bag must not exceed certain weight and it was recommended by the service of Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance to make the books as light as possible.





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