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Admission Tests: Rule-breakers Are Asked to Leave the Lecture Rooms

Today, in the first half of the day mobile operators do not maintain a system of sms exchange, and the movement of vehicles in the streets close to major universities restricted. The higher education institutions are conducting admission tests.

About all the restrictions were notified in advance, and on the experience of past years, these restrictions on August 1 become a practice.

It is interesting to turn to some figures. About 600 thousand children are born every year in Uzbekistan. This year, the higher education institutions received 663 thousand documents. It turns out that today all young people of 19-year-old are trying to enroll. In fact, of course, it is not the case, but the situation every year comes close to this. Meanwhile, there are many 18-year-old people among the applicants, that is, those who went to school at 6, and those who failed to enroll in previous years.

The popularity of higher education is growing. The annual increase of the number of entrants has turned the main reason for announcement of the change of deadline for reception of applications in 2017. It will begin and end five days earlier than usual, which is necessary for proper preparation.

Today, 663 thousand young people across the country are taking tests, and only one of 12 is destined to become a student.

Entrants answer questions in three disciplines, 36 questions in each. A set of disciplines is determined based on the specialization of the chosen direction of education.

Answer sheets will be checked and evaluated by means of special machines in the State Testing Center. The test results will be announced within 15 days.

Despite the rules of behavior of students during admission tests, violations recorded. The most common violations include attempts to use cheat sheets, calculators and cell phones. The State Testing Center officials promised to brief on the particular facts and their number at a press conference on the results of the admission tests. While, it is known that all who break the rules are asked to leave the lecture rooms. Thus, they lose the chance to complete the test and probably be among those lucky entered.

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