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A new hobby at school: children make cartoons about environmental issues

The Center for Children's Creativity "Barkamol avlod",Sergeli district, together with the creative team of the Children's School of Music and Art №15, created a cartoon under the title "The Steppe Tale 2".

The plot of the cartoon addresses the issue of a sharp decline in the numbers of saiga antelope population.

The cartoon was filmed in the studio “Gala Film”. The presentation of the cartoon was held in Tashkent, in the evening before the national natural habitat preservation day.

The film is based on children's drawings and raises the most serious issues of our society. It reveals the problems of preservation of the saiga population, showing the benefits of "green cities", calls for finding a balance between industrial development and environmental protection. The authenticity of the facts presented in the cartoon is beyond doubt, since the leading scientists of the Institute of the gene pool of flora and fauna of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan took part in writing of the script.

According to experts, in a short period of time saiga population, living in Uzbekistan, decreased by 95%. The main reason for such a sharp decline is poaching.

The initiators of the project, representatives of NGOs «EKOMaktab», hope, that this unique cartoon will draw public attention to the conservation of biodiversity and will help to protect the populations of these mammals of the steppe. They also remind us, that the preservation of these species depends largely on the welfare of the steppe ecosystems and the wellbeing of the inhabitants of the Aral Sea in Karakalpakstan region.


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