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6 of 11 of the most advanced technologies developed in the country are created in universities with an active involvement of students in scientific and prospecting activity

This was stated by Deputy Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education Botir Usmanov at the press conference on integration of education, science, and industry.

He has also stressed that university science contributes to targeted training of specialists and has provided some more data on the current status of university research.

More than 1 230 innovative groups among the leading teachers involved in innovative activities and students interested in science have been created on the basis of departments of universities. These groups have established relations with more than 4.4 thousand of enterprises and organizations. Database of scientific and technical problems of partner companies were made in the course of such cooperation with the enterprises in universities. These topics form the basis of research projects and term papers, qualification and master's theses, subject of study for senior researchers-applicants.

New developments in agricultural, chemical, oil and gas, metallurgical, mechanical, pharmaceutical industries have been developed and introduced in production as a result of scientific researches.

Many of the researches conducted in universities today are supported by the state. In particular, half of a line of the state scientific grants, selected by the Committee for Coordination of Science and Technology development, finance 465 projects for the amount of nearly 27 billion UZS.

Over the last 3-4 years 116 patents, 44 certificates for computer software have been received on the results of these studies.

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