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114 Foreign Specialists to Be Involved to Retrain Teachers

114 foreign experts are planned to be involved to conduct classes at the advanced training courses of teachers.

The Uzbek government aims to radically change the quality of training of the faculty at higher educational institutions. The starting point for the implementation of a new set of measures in this direction turned the Decree of President Islam Karimov ‘On measures to further improve the system of retraining of the managing and teaching staff of the higher educational institutions.’ One of the innovations associated with the strengthening of staff potential of retraining and advanced training courses. Head Scientific Methodical Center of Retraining and Advanced Training of Managing and Teaching Staff of Higher Education System made a list of specialists to be engaged to conduct classes.

The principal innovation is the involvement of specialists from foreign universities. Those include 114 leading specialists from the United States, Germany, Britain, Japan, France, South Korea, Russia and other countries.

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