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Schools with in-depth study of subjects will work with a focus on academic lyceums and universities
Schools with in-depth study of subjects will work with a focus on academic lyceums and universities

Students of schools with in-depth study of individual subjects will focus on continuing education in academic lyceums.

Schools with in-depth study of subjects will work with a focus on academic lyceums and universities 22-03-2017
Schools with in-depth study of subjects will work with a focus on academic lyceums and universities 20
The country selects the best teachers by the new rules
The country selects the best teachers by the new rules

The second - the district stage of the contest "The best subject teacher of the year" was completed in the country. This year the traditional contest is of a mass character - all teachers were able to take part in it.

The country selects the best teachers by the new rules 22-03-2017
The country selects the best teachers by the new rules 25
Spring breaks for schoolchildren will be one day longer

Schoolchildren of Uzbekistan will go on spring break from March 20, announced in the country on a day off. At the same time, classes scheduled for this day will be held on other days of the new quarter.

 Date Added: 19-03-2017
Number of views: 45
Students of 54 academic lyceums will not receive diplomas of "native" institutions

Students of the 2-x and 3-year courses of 54 academic lyceums, transformed this year into professional colleges, will be able to continue their studies in the programs of academic lyceums and receive appropriate diplomas.

 Date Added: 18-03-2017
Number of views: 49
In Uzbekistan, private law schools may appear

In the near future, the approval of the standards for the staffing number of legal advisers of state bodies and organizations may be expected. As a result, it is possible that their number will exceed 10 thousand people. In this regard, in order to avoid a shortage of personnel, it is proposed to establish private law schools in the country.

 Date Added: 18-03-2017
Number of views: 42
The students are returned to school

Every Thursday in Uzbekistan, under the auspices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a day of prevention of violations is held. One of its events was the "Attendance" campaign. It is aimed at preventing schoolchildren, colleges and lyceums from leaving school without a good reason for their studies.

 Date Added: 17-03-2017
Number of views: 44
The work of 58 academic lyceums was considered unsatisfactory

The number of academic lyceums will be almost halved, and professional colleges will be increased.

 Date Added: 16-03-2017
Number of views: 50
Malicious Absentees Will Be Offered to Attend Interesting Hobby and Sports Clubs

As we reported earlier, a counselor was attached to each school representing the Public Youth Movement Kamolot. A few days ago a document was adopted defining the main duties of these specialists - ensuring attendance of students.

 Date Added: 15-03-2017
Number of views: 45
Nearly 300 young specialists provided with jobs

In this country, special attention is being paid to creating conditions for young people to acquire modern education as well as to providing them with decent jobs in future.

 Date Added: 14-03-2017
Number of views: 63
Pre-school Standards

Kindergartens. Perhaps, this network of institutions is those whose activities are provided only by women. It turns out that today they are implementing one of the strategic tasks of the state development at the present stage.

 Date Added: 10-03-2017
Number of views: 86
Study via New Programs

Efforts designed to perfect the state educational standards and curricula for 18 subjects for secondary schools and secondary specialized educational institutions have concluded.

 Date Added: 03-03-2017
Number of views: 542
Speaking About Foreign

The Republican Scientific and Practical Center for the Development of Innovative Methods in Teaching Foreign Languages at the Uzbek State University of World Languages, has hosted several events devoted to the topical issues in the advancement of foreign language teaching in Uzbekistan. Read more in the review of our correspondents.

 Date Added: 13-02-2017
Number of views: 1511
246,4 Billion Soums to Be Allocated in 2017 for the Reconstruction and Overhaul of Colleges and Lyceums

This year, the extra-budgetary Fund of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan will finance the construction and installation works in 135 colleges and lyceums.

 Date Added: 30-01-2017
Number of views: 1242
Learn on Practical Problems

To carry out environmental impact assessment, make the calculations and give a valid decision on the Aral Sea problem – small, but very conscious students of 4th grade faced such problems. Within 45 minutes of the lesson "Mathematics and the problems of the Aral Sea", they have become real environmentalist analysts.

 Date Added: 27-01-2017
Number of views: 1146
The Samarqand State University Turns 90

On January 22, 1927 Samarqand hosted the grand opening of one of the first universities of Uzbekistan – the Samarqand Higher Pedagogical Institute. Later it was changed into the Uzbekistan Pedagogical Academy, then to the Uzbek State University, and since 1960 it is named the Samarqand State University.

 Date Added: 23-01-2017
Number of views: 1190
The Year Begins with Medals

Participants and winners of the 13th Zhautykov Olympiad in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science have returned to Tashkent. The solemn ceremony was prepared at the international airport of the capital to meet them.

 Date Added: 19-01-2017
Number of views: 1209
Islam Karimov Fund Announced Grants to Study Abroad

Islam Karimov Fund will provide full funding for the cost of tuition and living abroad for a period of up to two years of its grant holders to study at the master’s program in Europe and the United States.

 Date Added: 09-01-2017
Number of views: 1303
Nurseries to Become More Comfortable

Strengthening the material and technical base of nurseries will be implemented by the Fund for Reconstruction, Refurbishment and Equipping of General Schools, Professional Colleges, Academic Lyceums and Medical Institutions under the Ministry of Finance, which will improve the quality of work performed.

 Date Added: 03-01-2017
Number of views: 1105
Multimedia Reality

 What is the difference between the educational process at modern school and that of several decades ago? One of the main differences is computers and multimedia. Nowadays multimedia is becoming more popular, which allows to visualize the teaching material and present it in accessible for children form. Today, Uzbekistan undertakes great efforts to provide schools with the necessary number of multimedia...

 Date Added: 31-12-2016
Number of views: 1240
Talented students and active teachers given awards

At the Tashkent state agrarian university, a ceremony has taken place to give awards to talented students and active professors and teachers who achieved weighty successes in science, education, culture, sport and the social sphere in the year 2016. 

 Date Added: 23-12-2016
Number of views: 1206

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