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In the regions, model schools for working with young people are being created
In the regions, model schools for working with young people are being created

In all regions of our country, the Ministry of Public Education, together with the Youth Union of Uzbekistan, is implementing a project to create model schools for working with young people.

In the regions, model schools for working with young people are being created 20-10-2017
In the regions, model schools for working with young people are being created 87
The president has placed emphasis in the activities of the new ministry
The president has placed emphasis in the activities of the new ministry

Yesterday, Shin Agrepina Vasilievna was appointed the Minister of Preschool Education and under the chairmanship of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, a meeting devoted to the issues of radical improvement of the preschool education system was held on October 19.

The president has placed emphasis in the activities of the new ministry 20-10-2017
The president has placed emphasis in the activities of the new ministry 54
Please, only learn: the experience of a law university is extended to all universities

Unlike the previous procedure, now students who have not mastered the subjects on time (academic debtors) are not deducted, but on the basis of the order of the rector of the university are left on the relevant course.

 Date Added: 18-10-2017
Number of views: 96
Higher education abroad: how do Uzbek citizens get it?

One of the topical issues among the country's youth is studying abroad. Many young men and women prefer to get higher education abroad. By what means does this happen and what do graduates do after the end of international educational institutions? Where do they find work?

 Date Added: 17-10-2017
Number of views: 77
Military personnel will be prepared for admission to universities

In the military units of Uzbekistan, it is planned to organize the training of servicemen for further admission to higher educational institutions.

 Date Added: 16-10-2017
Number of views: 102
The schoolchildren will be told how they can contribute to the development of their region in the professional field

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev at the meeting discussed with the members of the government issues of vocational guidance for students of 8-9 classes and their subsequent vocational training in schools, colleges and universities.

 Date Added: 09-10-2017
Number of views: 152
Tests for admission to the baccalaureate will be more transparent

Shavkat Mirziyoyev gave instructions to develop proposals for improvement of making tests for admission to higher education institutions in the baccalaureate, introducing relevant advanced experience of developed foreign states, ensuring transparency of tests.

 Date Added: 09-10-2017
Number of views: 144
Reforms in the sphere of education are giving their high results

President of our country Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a meeting on issues of reforming the sphere of education, further development of the professional education system and improving testing examinations for admission to universities in the baccalaureate.

 Date Added: 09-10-2017
Number of views: 141
Webster University to open its branch in Uzbekistan

Webster University (USA) will open its branch in Uzbekistan.

 Date Added: 22-09-2017
Number of views: 640
From Discussions to Actions: the Student Scientific Educational Center Gets Established

The Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education has established the Student Scientific Educational Center. Its creation was actively discussed during the last half year.

 Date Added: 20-09-2017
Number of views: 215
Alisher Sadullayev: ‘The Girls Development Club Project to Get Extended to All Regions of Uzbekistan’

The youngest in the country’s history deputy minister of Public Education Alisher Sadullayev on his page on Facebook has introduced a new employee of the Ministry – a graduate of the Uzbek State University of World Languages Gavkhar Sagdullayeva assigned to the chief inspector on work with students and young people and spoke about her project Girls Development Club will spread throughout the count...

 Date Added: 13-09-2017
Number of views: 269
Ulughbek Inoyatov: A New Ministry to Deal with Preschool Education

Earlier, Uzbekistan Today reported on the establishment of the Ministry of Preschool Education. Today at a regular meeting of the international press club the Minister of Public Education Ulughbek Inoyatov, who is currently responsible for the development of these educational institutions, described this initiative in details.

 Date Added: 23-08-2017
Number of views: 288
The State Testing Center Sumps up the Results of the Entrance Tests for Colleges and Lyceums

The results of tests for students enrolling in academic lyceums and professional colleges are available at the State Testing Center website. To do this, it is sufficient to enter a number of parameters in a special form.

 Date Added: 21-08-2017
Number of views: 300
President held a meeting on the progress of reforms in the education system

On August 16, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev received the minister of higher and secondary special education I.Majidov, director of the Center for secondary special and professional education M.Kholmukhamedov, minister of public education U.Inoyatov and their deputies and heard their reports for acquaintance with the course of preparation for the new academic year, ...

 Date Added: 17-08-2017
Number of views: 305
Schools Preparing for 11-Year Education System

The Ministry of Public Education continues to prepare schools for the organization of the educational process in the 10th grades.

 Date Added: 14-08-2017
Number of views: 374
The Ministry of Public Education Reshuffled

District (city) departments of the organization and methodological support of the activities of educational institutions of public education have returned the former name, as before they will be called the departments of public education. And the activity of the Ministry of Public Education itself and all its structural units has been reconsidered.

 Date Added: 10-08-2017
Number of views: 346
Those Who Failed to Complete the Master’s Programs of the Academy of Public Administration Will Reimburse 50% of All Payments within Their Study

The system of training, retraining and advanced training of senior executives at the Academy of Public Administration under the President has been improved. Now the Academy is engaged in the training of senior executives, the retraining of senior executives and the upgrading of the skills of senior executives.

 Date Added: 09-08-2017
Number of views: 308
Uzbekistan set to organize 1300 school fairs

A beginning of the school year is not far off. This means that students need to do a school bazaar, to purchase the necessary stationery for school. More than 1,300 school fairs are set to be organized throughout the Republic from 10 August to 10 September. A revealing exhibition of educational supplies, literature, children's clothes and shoes was held in the capital on the eve of their opening...

 Date Added: 07-08-2017
Number of views: 272
Comprehensive preparation for the new academic year - an actual task

On August 2, 2017, under the chairmanship of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, a videoconference dedicated to issues of introduction of 11-year secondary education by ensuring mutual integration between general educational schools and secondary specialized, professional educational institutions, cardinal reforming of the secondary specialized and professional education...

 Date Added: 03-08-2017
Number of views: 299
Bravo, young mathematicians!

Uzbek students won two gold, two silver medals and took the second place in the team competition in the International mathematics competition that was held in the city of Lucknow in India on July 25-31 of this year.

 Date Added: 02-08-2017
Number of views: 335

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