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Facts and Figures: School Education. Breakthrough Development Statistics
Facts and Figures: School Education. Breakthrough Development Statistics

The content of the school curriculum has faced radical changes. This was preceded by a lot of work with involvement of leading educators and researchers.

Facts and Figures: School Education. Breakthrough Development Statistics 20-09-2016
Facts and Figures: School Education. Breakthrough Development Statistics 23
Missing Nursery Turns Unprofitable
Missing Nursery Turns Unprofitable

What better not to do, so as not to lose the place in nursery, and not overpay for services not rendered? UT correspondents examined a new Regulation on the procedure of payment for the nursery.

Missing Nursery Turns Unprofitable 07-09-2016
Missing Nursery Turns Unprofitable 23
The Tashkent Automobile and Road Construction Institute Reorganized

Tashkent Automobile and Road Construction Institute has been reorganized into the Tashkent Institute of Designing, Construction and Exploitation of Automobile Roads.

 Date Added: 07-09-2016
Number of views: 51
Chalks and Dusters Are Becoming the Things of the Past

3823 schools in the country, or 39.4 per cent of the total, actively use interactive whiteboards in the learning process. The Ministry of Public Education plans to refit the rest of the schools with similar equipment. Does this mean that soon the familiar blackboard, chalk and dusters will become the things of the past?

 Date Added: 07-09-2016
Number of views: 34
Law University Students to Receive Scholarships under the New Regulations

Changes are introduced in the Instruction on the order of appointment and payment of scholarships to students of higher education institutions.

 Date Added: 23-08-2016
Number of views: 102
Five Thousand Bachelor’s Degree Holders to Become Master’s Degree Students

Tomorrow the country’s higher education institutions begin examinations for the Master’s Degree courses, which complete 10 August. In total, five thousand graduates of Bachelor’s Degree courses will become students of the second stage of higher education.

 Date Added: 02-08-2016
Number of views: 127
Admission Tests: Rule-breakers Are Asked to Leave the Lecture Rooms

Today, in the first half of the day mobile operators do not maintain a system of sms exchange, and the movement of vehicles in the streets close to major universities restricted. The higher education institutions are conducting admission tests.

 Date Added: 01-08-2016
Number of views: 138
Admission Offices Received Record Number of Applications - More Than 663 Thousand

Admission offices of higher education institutions have completed the reception of documents.

 Date Added: 21-07-2016
Number of views: 175
The Best Nursery School Teacher Is Determined

Traditional contest, held by the Ministry of Public Education, has determined the best nursery school teachers, whose experience to date turns a guide for their colleagues.

 Date Added: 19-07-2016
Number of views: 177
Admission Office: Competition of 31 People in Place Is Not the Limit

Today, July 19, 2016, is the next-to-last day for the submission of applications to the admission offices of higher education institutions.

 Date Added: 19-07-2016
Number of views: 167
July 15, Entrance Tests in Colleges and Lyceums

Today, 171 professional colleges and academic lyceums of the country have entrance tests.

 Date Added: 15-07-2016
Number of views: 174
Pedagogical Education Goes Popular with Entrants Again

Almost all higher education institutions of Uzbekistan are involved in training teachers. However, none of them complain about the lack of applicants.

 Date Added: 12-07-2016
Number of views: 178
Sales of GM Uzbekistan in Russia still Lower than Last Year

8,574 new GM Uzbekistan cars were sold in Russia in the first half of 2016.

 Date Added: 11-07-2016
Number of views: 149
Tashkent Automobile and Road Construction Institute: More State-funded Places, and What about Prospective Students?

This year, the Tashkent Automobile and Road Construction Institute offers five more state-funded places than in 2015. 

 Date Added: 11-07-2016
Number of views: 168
A structure for promoting and financing innovations in staff training is being created

The World Bank has allocated $42.2 million for a modernization of higher education project. Fund for support academic innovations under the MHSSE will be established in Uzbekistan.

 Date Added: 29-04-2016
Number of views: 331
Reform of foreign language learning system. New wave

The first remote conference in Uzbekistan began its work today. It is dedicated to new trends in foreign languages education in continuous education system. Real practice and development strategy are in the focus of the conference.

 Date Added: 28-04-2016
Number of views: 540
Special system of knowledge evaluation adopted for the students of Tashkent State University of Law

Sizes of written works of interim control of the University students have been established. At 1 year the size should be at least 1000 words, at 2 year – 1500 word; at 3 year – 2000 words; at 4 year - 2 500 words. The size of the work of the graduate students should be at least 3 000 words.

 Date Added: 27-04-2016
Number of views: 500
IT- universities to involve mutual cooperation potential

Tashkent University of Information Technologies and Inha University in Tashkent have signed a memorandum of understanding in educational and scientific processes.

 Date Added: 11-04-2016
Number of views: 590
Upgrade of colleges and lyceums of Ferghana Region in 2016 will cost 10.2 billion soums

Works on reconstruction and repair of 11 secondary vocational education institutions has been started in Ferghana Region.

 Date Added: 08-04-2016
Number of views: 618
Training quality at higher educational institutions. The real situation.

Disputes about readiness of higher educational institutions graduates to solve professional problems have never been abated, and will have not likely abated ever, in view of manysidedness of the issue. That is what the reporter of Uzbekistan Today has been watching at the conference of graduate students and senior scientists of Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology.

 Date Added: 07-04-2016
Number of views: 475