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Works of Uzbek Folklore to Be Publish in 100 Volumes

The first two books of ‘Monuments of the Uzbek Folk Art’ have been presented in Tashkent. The remaining volumes will be released in the next few years.

The project ‘Monuments of the Uzbek folk art’ will allow the general public to see the records of all products stored in the folklore archives of the Alisher Navoi Institute of Language and Literature. This center single in the world, engaged in collecting, collating, publishing and studying the works of Uzbek oral folklore holds more than 2,000 folk materials. These materials include epics, about 10 thousand tales, numerous recordings of Uzbek folk songs, legends, proverbs and other genres. Moreover, there will be applications with audio and video stored in library.

Scientists have already prepared more than 50 books for publishing. The first volume is dedicated to the most famous and popular epic ‘Alpomish’. Epics ‘Yusuf and Ahmad’, ‘Alibek and Bolibek’, ‘Shirin and Shakar’, ‘Rustamkhon’, ‘The Birth of Go’ro’gly’ will be published as well. In addition, there will be the works of the Uzbek ritual folklore and other works of folklore.

“Epics ‘Kiranhan’ in the version of Pulkanshair and Rahmatulla Yusuf ogly, ‘Shirin-Shakar’ performed by Kurbanbaev Tozhibayogly, and many other works have been prepared for publishing for the firs time,” Mamatkul Juraev emphasized.

There are not only the originals of texts, music recording, but also comments of the scholars, illustrations, scientific articles on a specific work. Some volumes will be released with CD-disks with the originals, performed by famous narrators.

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