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Why Does Uzbeknavo Want to Return Artistic Councils and Total Control over Show Business?

Uzbeknavo has removed from air of Uzbek channels 25 clips, “not meeting the general requirements."

This was discussed during a regular press conference in Tashkent.

The issue of meaninglessness and distorted texts of popular songs has been raised again. In particular, they discussed the recent words of the song ‘Sacramento’ of Munisa Rizaeva, as well as new hit of Ziyoda, who, by the way, recently received the title of Honored Artist.

The need for the Arts Council has been once again mentioned, which would approve or vice versa would prohibit certain compositions of performers. By the way, employees of Uzbeknavo have already removed from the TV channels 25 clips, not relevant to the Uzbek mentality, in their opinion.

Representatives of the Uzbeknavo, unions of writers, composers, and other leading experts in the field agreed that the reasons are weddings.

They "spoil" the singers and Uzbek culture in general, according to the speakers. It has been suggested to take under the supervision not only weddings, but the activity of recording studios; produced books before printing should be checked by the expert committee of the Union of Writers.

Experts suggested encouraging artists by providing them with grants to create patriotic songs, expressing love for the motherland. In addition, there should be a legal way to resolve the issue of live performance, prohibiting phonogram.

Despite harsh criticism among the audience, suggestions of the returning arts councils, controlling show business, from the past, are taking place at public events, for some reason. Will not that lead to the fact that, for example, young people will stop listening to all domestic platform, and show business in general will be strictly non-competitive among the infinite space of the Internet?

Such events, where the current state of our platform is being rapidly discussed, are not held for the first time. Often, the same questions are raised there. So, ­only time will tell whether there are changes in this area.

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