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Welcome to ‘Zamok.K’

Ilkhom theater has hosted a long-awaited premiere of the play ‘Zamok.K’ staged by Maxim Fadeyev based on the novel of Franz Kafka ‘The Castle.’

Unfinished novel of Franz Kafka ‘The Castle’ is referred to the most important and mysterious phenomena of world literature of the twentieth century. The book was published in 1926 after the death of its author, as well as two other major works of the writer ‘The Trial’ and ‘Amerika.’

The main character of the novel appears in a certain village having no geographical coordinates and trying unsuccessfully to get into the Castle. There is no classical structure in this story: introduction, development, climax and denouement. This is a story that ends with the phrase “Here the story stops.” Everything that happens in the novel either is the dream of the writer, or the allusion to the realities of life. From the moment of its publication a variety of interpretation followed each other: the consideration of the novel in a social manner (human struggle against bureaucracy), religious and philosophical quest for God and the psychoanalytic interpretation of the plot, which allegedly reflects the Kafka’s tense relationship with his father, brides and the world.

Like the hero of the novel K. seeking to get into the Castle, every day is just getting farther from his goal, and we, the readers, the more trying to figure out what is this novel, the farther we go from the ourselves from the essence. Reading this novel is like wandering in the maze, woven from thin strands of consciousness and subconsciousness of the author and the reader, which get us closer and move away from the Castle.

The play staged by Maxim Fadeyev ‘Zamok. K’ is an attempt of the project team work together to find the way to the mysterious Castle of Franz Kafka.
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