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Uzbekistan marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the founder of the country's composer school

In the calendar of the cultural life of modern Uzbekistan, the year 2017 was marked by a significant event - the 100th anniversary of the birth of one of the founders and coryphaeuses of the composer school of Uzbekistan, Boris Fedorovich Giyenko.

Honored Art Worker of Uzbekistan, People's Artist of Uzbekistan, Professor Boris Fedorovich Giyenko dedicated more than sixty years of his life to the creation and education of a whole galaxy of bright talents, among which many leading composers and public figures of Uzbekistan, writes

He is a master of his craft, a musician of the highest culture and profound erudition, possessing encyclopedic knowledge not only in the field of music but also in many humanities, an analyst and philosopher who possessed a unique subtle sense of humor, boundless humanity and incredible strength of spirit, who lived in a state of constant creative search, Boris Giyenko left a deep mark in the history of Uzbekistan. His creative heritage is vast and multifaceted. He created eight symphonies, nine string quartets, instrumental concerts for violin, cello, voice, piano with orchestra, suites, poems, ballet, music for performances, children's music, piano and vocal works and numerous treatments of Uzbek, Tajik, Karakalpak, Ukrainian, Indonesian and Japanese folk melodies.

His creative biography is very entertaining. Childhood, spent with parents in the Caucasus, gave birth to a love for the boundless mountain open spaces, the habit of observing nature, "listening" and "peering" into the landscape, in order to deeply cherish the images and then pour them on paper, at first only in the form art sketches, and then musical compositions. After the death of his father Fyodor Prokhorovich Giyenko and the move with his mother Polina Semyonovna Gienko to Uzbekistan in 1933, Boris Giyenko deeply immersed himself in studying the musical traditions, culture and customs of the hospitable sunny land that has become his home for the rest of his life. The fact that he owned the game on many instruments - not only the pianoforte, but also on the accordion, mandolin, domra, helped him to get closer to folk musicians, to participate in joint music making and gave the opportunity to record bright Uzbek and Tajik folk melodies into notes. in the basis of many of the author's works of Boris Giyenko.

Giyenko was a great musician, a man and a family man. In 1941, he connected his life with the brilliant pianist Tatyana Nikolayevna Chernevskaya, after the marriage took his name Giyenko. A woman of divine beauty, with a musical and human gift, forever became his Muse. Many of his works are dedicated to her. Tianyushi's favorite instrument was the cello, due to the special deep and heartfelt drama and expressiveness of the timbre, so both cello concerts and concertos on the Karakalpak themes for cello and orchestra were created by the composer as a musical offering for the Muses. Having lived a long life together, in sorrow and in joy they left this world one by one, with a distance of 40 days ...

The daughter of Boris Fedorovich and Tatyana Nikolayevna - Natalia Borisovna Giyenko has become a worthy successor to her parents by accepting her parents' creative torch, becoming also a brilliant pianist and teacher. Natalia Giyenko was the first performer of numerous pianistic works by Boris Giyenko, and such immortal opuses as the cycle "12 Rubai" and "Triptych" for piano were inspired and written for Natul. Natalia Giyenko, together with the Symphony Orchestra of the State Philharmonic of Uzbekistan under the direction of Zahid Haknazarov and the Chamber Orchestra of the State Television and Radio of Uzbekistan, under the direction of Viktor Medyulyanov (husband of Natalia Giyenko), studio recordings of the First Piano Concerto and Concertino "Maskarabozy", included in the Golden Fund of Uzbek Radio.
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