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Uzbek filmmakers working in a new format - ultra-high-definition 4K Ultra HD

The premiere of the first movie, filmed in this format was held at the end of last week. The film was a sensation due to its starring cast. "Baron" was filmed on the territory of three countries - Uzbekistan, Russia and Turkey.

Compared with the HD format, 4K Ultra HD shows 4 times sharper image. The picture is brighter and more realistic, incredibly clear. It allows the viewer to fully enjoy all the colors and details of the picture.

Today, 4K Ultra HD is considered to be the future of film and television. This technology is rapidly gaining momentum throughout the world, the production of the necessary equipment, and content is increasing. Uzbekistan is making first steps in this direction.

The correspondents of Uzbekistan Today found out, that the agency "Uzbekkino" is prepating for production of several films in this format.



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