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Uzbek overtones in the new collection of Maurizio Pecoraro

Guest of the Tashkent Fashion Week - Italian designer Maurizio Pecoraro presented a new collection in the framework of the Milan Fashion Week. The carpets of Central Asia and the designer's visit to Uzbekistan served as his inspiration.

So, in the new models Maurizio masterfully exploits the oriental ornament, and the Uzbek carpet is placed on the "tongue" of the Milan podium.

As crucial source of inspiration the designer calls the works of Azerbaijani sculptor Faig Ahmed, we told on our website. Faig Ahmed is an artist who has transformed carpets customary for the countries of Central Asia and Azerbaijan into an object of modern art through manipulation and graphic distortion.

In the models of the designer Maurizio Pecoraro, the carpet texture takes the form of belts to the coat, fills the hat pads or completely covers the multi-layered sets, as if enveloping the models in vintage carpets.

Stylistically, the products resemble the Soviet classics of the 1980's and 1990's, knitted oversized cardigans and perfectly tailored suits. Each model is accompanied by bold fur accessories, shoes deserve special attention. Products in the "patchwork" technique give a touch of romance.
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