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UT-expert: Where to spend the evening? Do Cultural Centers have a future?

Cultural Centres are from the past. However, only the terms were outdated, now they are just called by a different name. For a number of reasons, many of them are still not popular among the population. To solve this problem the country launched a program, for the period of 2014-2018, aimed at strengthening material-technical base of the Centers. The work is completed in 155 centers to date. Practice shows that in most cases this is not sufficient.

How to breathe life into the centers of culture and whether they are necessary at all? We asked the director of the Tashkent city center of culture and leisure, Nina Tolkacheva.

- The future of Cultural Centers is not hopeless, you can see it for yourself if you visit our institution. A few years ago, when we had to move to the outskirts of the city, Idoubted that we will be able to reach past results.

However, now we know that it is possible. I am sure that the Center of Culture and Leisure can and should develop. The government is trying to bring the centers to life.

There are 20 teams of young workers employed at the Center. Every night,100-150 people aged 20 to 50 play music. We are in demand because they need a place to practice music and dancing. We cover a broad spectrum of activities:

National dance, break-dancing, modern dance, classical and pop music, there is also a rock band. In addition, the majority of visitors are children, they go to various dance studios and collectives. We work with all categories of the population. We even have an opera studio, which became an outlet for those who are over 60. They sing opera. Where else can they do it? Here they can play musical instuments without bothering anyone.

Every creative person, even if he is engaged in art at an amateur level wants to be heard and recognised. So, culture and leisure centers give them a chance. We take an active part in national holidays. We perform in the park named after Gafur Gulam, and at the New Year's theatrical presentation at Khadr Square, in front of the Tashkent State Circus. Our programs are always interesting and fascinating, as presented creative teams work in different directions. Just last year, our teams performed at 580 concerts!

We do not just play and act, but also achieve good results. We have 8 collectives with a status of “the people’s” collective. This status is given after five years of excellent work. Only those who pass the expert assesment are given the certificate.In order to maintain this status the collectives are required to pass the assesment every three years.

Our pop-dance group "Rhythm”, folk ensemble "Nodirabegim", song and dance Ensemble "Tamano", Tatar-Bashkir folk ensemble "Yashlyk", vocal group "Registan", "Karnay-surnay" group, a group "Continent" and the opera group "Inspiration" are all known and loved in Tashkent, they always pass certification. Every year we give a concert with the participation of all groups in the Palace of Arts "Turkistan".

The repertoire of our teams is constantly updated. Today we have a collection of over three thousand costumes, and it is constantly expanding. And it's all because our teams are constantly in progress. So, my experience shows that involvment in various public events contributes to the popularity and demand for the Center.

At the same time we try to create maximum convenience and comfort. On the occasion of 2016, The Year of Maternal and Child Health, we will implement a very interesting project. We noticed that grandmothers and mothers who bring their children to the club, spend the time waiting, sitting on the couch. This year we will open a group aerobics for them. While the kids are dancing, mothers can engage in sports. And this is not the only interesting idea we have.













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