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Turkey to Host the Awarding Ceremony of Winners of the Koroglu Statue and Base Building International Design Contest

Bolu municipality in Turkey will soon host the awarding ceremony of the winners of the Koroglu Statue and Base Building International Design Contest. Among the winners are the representatives of Uzbekistan, who occupied the third place - Tulyagan Tadjihodjaev, the sculptor, and Abdukahhor Turdiev, the architect.

“First, the organizers offered to provide a sculpture of Koroglu, who in Uzbekistan is called Go’r o’ghli. This character is represented in most epics of the Turkic peoples. Earlier this year, the Bolu municipality has announced a contest for a major sculpture, which was supposed to embody the image of the hero in the Turkish version. It represents a kind of Robin Hood, who robbed the rich and gave the money to the poor. In addition, he is a singer, who usually embodied with a musical instrument in the hand,” says Tulyagan Tadjihodjaev. “In addition to the sculpture of Koroglu, it was necessary to prepare a design of the building to house a museum and research center, dedicated to the hero and his role in the history of Turkey.”

The first place in the contest won the representatives of Kazakhstan, who prepared an extensive project that includes not only a monument to Koroglu, but the great figures of Central Asia, including Amir Temur, Navoi, and others. In addition, they offered the entire project area, where a monument will be installed. Second place went to the Turkish team. Uzbekistan masters came third.

One of the winning projects will be implemented in the International Koroglu Park. It is possible that this will be the work of Uzbek authors.

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