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True Is Good, yet Happiness Is Better

The Academic Russian Drama Theatre of Uzbekistan has hosted the guest performance of the State Academic Maly Theater of Russia with the play ‘True is good, yet happiness is better.’

The play is staged by director Sergei Zhenovach on the story by Alexander Ostrovsky, which calls to think about human happiness, the ability to be thankful, honest with him/herself and others.

Alexander Ostrovsky tells us the story of the apple garden – funny and wise immutable indicating that there is happiness and that our souls have the ability to be happy. And not without reason, a good nanny, helping the loved ones, has the ‘speaking’ name - Filitsata, meaning ‘happiness.’

In 2004, the play won the Special Jury Prize ‘Golden Mask’ for best acting ensemble, and was recognized as the winner of the ‘Hit of the Season’ award. And this year, the participants of the performance received the State Prize of Russia.

The play involved such actors as Vasiliy Bochkarev, Lyudmila Polyakova, Evgeniya Glushchenko, Larisa Kichanova, Sergei Veshchev, Viktor Nizovoy, Gleb Podgorodinsky, Olga Zhevakina, and Denis Kurochka.
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